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Two photographs, Jack with senior officers, and SNCO's in a hangar, reverse captioned 'Sgt Morrison, Sgt Hawkins, Sgt Anderson, C/T Hendren'. Also has the official unit stamp of RAF Kai Tak.
Second is Jack with senior officers viewing the interior…

Three photographs, first Jack with two others, reverse captioned 'Kai Tak Mess, Hong Kong, Dining In 1970, Sgt Anderson, Self, A.L.M. Mildren'. Second, Jack with two civilians, reverse captioned 'Kai Tak Mess, Hong Kong, Xmas 1970'.
Third is Jack…

Three photographs, two of Jack on the dance floor, reverse captioned 'Kai Tak Mess, Hong Kong, Xmas 1970, Dot Green and self'. Also has photographers stamp Mainland Studio, 44 Carnarvan Road, 1st Floor, Kowloon.
Third is of Jack and others seated…
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