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The letter advises Terry that his application to a commission has been approved.

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Photo 1 is a postcard of the outside of the cathedral, captioned 'West Front'.
Photo 2 is a postcard of the inside, captioned 'Nave East'.
Photo 3 is a postcard captioned 'Steps to Chapter House'.
Photo 4 is a postcard captioned…

Photo 1 is captioned 'Dining Room'.
Photo 2 and 3 are captioned 'Chapel'.
Photo 4 is captioned 'Long Gallery'.
Photo 5 is captioned 'Drawing Room'.
Photo 6 is captioned 'Old Kitchen'.
Photo 7 is captioned 'North West Tower in Lower…

Photo 1 is the Pavilion Gardens and Waterfall, Buxton.
Photo 2 is the moors, near the Cat and Fiddle. In the foreground is a rock with a road winding up a hill.

Photos 1 and 4 are the same, Arthur and his bride outside the church.
Photo 2 is the bride and he father walking into the church.
Photo 3 and 5 are the same, Arthur, his bride, the best man and Carol's bridesmaid.
Photo 6 is bride and groom, best…

Ten members of the bridal party at Harold and Helga Wynne's wedding. On the reverse handwritten: '25 September 1948' and printed:
Photograph by Francis E. Bowen Scunthorpe. Lincs. 61128'.

Album page with eight photographs. Top right - three graveyard crosses, the centre one for T Sgt F J Hobbs with large memorial and brick wall in background. In the foreground low stones and annotated 'part of aircraft propeller, 1949'. On the reverse…
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