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Writes he thinks she will have done well in exams and says don'y worry about essay. Encourages her not to worry about exams next week. On the front artwork of a boy and a girl in a red car. Titled 'Expect us when you see us'.

States that the government has decided to pay all deferred private chattels as soon as possible in next financial year to include the amount claimed, interest and a supplementary payment where applicable. Goes on to provide details. Payment aimed at…

Opens with photograph of BEA Viking with caption 'Its quicker by air. Followed by seven pages with 11 photographs and a drawing showing the conversion of landing craft to motor launch between September 1946 and its launch on 5 June 1948. Then 27…

Eight airmen in khaki uniforms and one civillian sitting around a table in a bar. On the table are beer bottles, glasses and plates with snacks. There is a date pencilled on -31 July 1947.
Above the photograph are three handwritten names and…

Head and shoulders of an airman looking to the side. It is dated in pencil, 29th July 1947. The photograph is mounted in a cardboard holder with 'In Washington It's..The "400" Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge 1425 F Street, N.W. Washington D.C.' On…

Identity card for travel between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Passport head and shoulders portrait, signature and name.

Booklet with some personnel details of C R Godfrey. Shows leaving dispersal centre 20 April 1947 and effective release on 3 July 1947.

Letter testifying to the character of John Casey from his headmaster at Willington RC school.
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