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Official documents recording that Philip Batty joined the regular Royal Air Force from the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

Glad that oral exams went alright and offering advice on taking examinations. Asks if extra tuition and talks on other school activities. Catches up on family news and events, jam and sweets being sent tomorrow. Planning to drive over on Sunday and…

Writes that new accommodation will be good and provide privacy during her school certificate term. Catches up with news. He will send application form for summer camp to school and enclosed booking fee. Provides data on eggs laid by chickens.…

Thanks for letters and glad settled at school. Talks of clothes and food sent. Enquires about life at school and mentions hard work required for exams. Talks of weather and family activities and successes with laying chickens.

Photograph 1 is a group of airmen arranged in three rows, all with their arms crossed. All in khaki except one man in white. Captioned 'Command Photographic Reproduction Section. Seletar. 1st May 1947'
Front row:
Cpl Carter. Cpl Stockwell. Sgt…
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