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The four airmen are standing outside a tent with a sign saying 'Air Movements'. On their left is a larger sign with 'Baggage Instructions' and much instructions. On the reverse 'The boys again. Reg - Ted - Self - Vic No 60 PTC Tengah Singapore…

Two airmen dressed in shorts and khaki standing beside tents. On the reverse 'Sgt ? & W/O Wright both accounts section (Rice bashers) Wizard types. No 60 PTC Tengah Singapore 1946.'

Three prisoners working supervised by two men. Behind are tents. On the reverse ' "Nips" at work. On 60 PTC Tengah Singapore December 1946'.

Three Japanese prisoners with a basket, loading a lorry. Behind are tents. On the reverse 'Japs at work on 60. P.T.C. Tengah Singapore December 1946'.

Contains personal details dates of service and discharge, promotions and postings and movements.

Thanks him for letter and the gift of a parcel of food. He states that contents were distributed to those still with them that were working at the time that the particular parachute that saved his life was manufactured. Says his address was given to…


A log book used as a scrap book. The photographs and documents cover his aircrew training from November 1943. It has sergeant's mess subscription cards, photographs, correspondence and cuttings.
Many of the entries are post war and a number refer…

Two photographs from the race day.
In the first a large airman on a small donkey watched closely by two small boys and a large crowd on the sidelines. On the reverse 'Tom Perry wins by a push on "Gasper".'
In the second photograph a group of airmen…

Group of airmen in fancy dress undressing the referee. On the reverse 'Spike Hughes, the Ref. is publicly stripped off. Christmas Day. Aden. 1946'.

Two airmen on the back of a camel being held by a third man. A football is set between two aircraft chocks. On the sidelines are a large number of spectators. On the reverse 'The captain of the Officers team arrives for the kick-off. Christmas Day…

Two photographs of airmen in fancy dress.
In the first photograph the men are sitting in a goal, some drinking beer. On the reverse 'Re-freshment time in the Sergeant's goal'.
In the second photograph the same men are in the goal. One is holding up…

Two cyclists being assisted at the start of the race, watched by many spectators. On the reverse 'Start of the 'Mile' cycle race, at the Station sports. Aden Dec 14th 1946'.


Written before they were married when George Ellams was at Buckeburg.

Written before they were married when George Ellams was at Margate.

Letter written before they were married when George was at Ramsgate.

Photo 1 is of Roy Padden, mounted in a card with a personal message to Arthur.
Photo 2 is Arthur in uniform sitting on a fence.

Photo 1 and 3 are the same. Arthur's mother and Ted are standing in the snow, captioned Christmas dinner 1946, in the garden.
Photo 2 is Arthur in uniform sitting on a wall, captioned 'Flying Officer AF Thomas DFM 149 Squadron RAF Methwold'.

The letter asks Fred to consider returning to the RAF.

RAF Station Dum Dum's menu front and back cover. On the front a RAF badge and an image of the Victoria Memorial in Calcutta, the rear has image of the star and the three kings. The menu inside is illustrated and also has added signatures.

Christmas dinner menu from Sergeants Mess at RAF Station Dum Dum.

Appointing Dennis Vaughan Kelly officer of the citizen air force of the commonwealth from 17 July 1944. Signed on 23 December 1946.


Photo 1 - four airmen in shorts and one civilian in a suit.

Photo 2 - a street scene of a narrow alley in a town.

Photo 3 - the front of the Officer's Club/NAAFI.

Photo 4 is a man with his arms round two women. All are wearing swim…

Details action to be taken for a replacement if his Distinguished Service Order and bar were not recovered.

Asks whether she has received parcels and money, Mentions presents to other family members. Writes of arrangements for holidays and reminds her to bring bed sheets home. Concludes with weather.

Top left - two airmen wearing battledress and side caps standing with grounded rifles with one leaning on wall. In the background Nissen huts. Captioned 'Ready for guard'. Top centre - large group of men lined up with donkeys. Nissen hut in the…
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