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An airman dressed in khaki and shorts. He is standing on a slightly raided path leading to tents. On the reverse 'Taken at Tengah Singapore 18 November 1946. From "Gordie" to F/O Cole'.

Ivor, wearing shorts, socks and shoes, standing with his hands on his hips. On the reverse 'RAF Tengah. Singapore Nov. 1946. To F/O Cole With best wishes From Cpl Davidson.'


Top left - view of sun over sea with building bottom left. Captioned 'Sun rising over sea at Beaulieu, Nice, French Riviera, Oct 46'.
Bottom left - view inside Eifel tower leg. Captioned 'Looking down pylon of Eifel tower, Paris, Nov 46'.

Top left -view from the air over snow covered mountains. Captioned 'Snow plateau 12,000ft high on French Italian border near Bardonecchia'.
Top right - looking down at ground from the Eifel tower. Captioned 'Looking down from 2nd platform of Eifel…

Top left - front quarter view of a York parked on hardstanding. Captioned 'Our York at Almaza, Cairo'.
Top right - view down onto the entrance of a hotel with driveway surrounded by palm trees. Captioned 'Heliopolis Palace hotel, Cairo Feb…


Pay slip for Flight Lieutenant Harold Wakefield from Glyn Mills & Co for final pay.

Contains some personal details. Last day of service 6 January 1947.

Receipt for £8.00 for Cox & Kings (Agents) Limited.

Contains personal details and shows service from 29 September 1942 until 15 November 1946. Includes service particulars and assessment of aptitude and qualities.

The letter advises Peter that he is detailed to act as Defending Officer at a Court Martial. Also attached are supplementary items of evidence, the charge sheet, Officers making up the Court Martial and details of Thomas' weapon.

A rocky headland and a sandy beach. On the reverse 'Part of the beach at Conquest Bay. Aden. Nov. 1946'.

Five men in swimming trunks standing knee deep in water. On the reverse 'Greg, Don, Geordie, Junior & Jack at Conquest Bay. Aden Nov. 1946'.


A blurred image of a cyclist crossing the finishing line, watched by several men. On the reverse 'The "Kiddie" crossing the line to win the mile track event at the Command Sports. Aden Nov. 1946'.


Cover letter and certificate for mentioned in dispatches award announced in London Gazette to Leading Aircraftwoman J E K Nicholls.

Several ships docked on the far side of water in foreground. One has two funnels with cranes alongside. Captioned '"Queen Elizabeth " Southampton 30.11.46'

Two pilots wearing flying helmets are at the front of cockpit looking back at a man on the left with earphones and Roy Chadwick on the right wearing a coat. On the reverse 'Please keep very safely. Roy Chadwick in cockpit of 1st Nene Lancastrian our…

Three quarter length portrait of four men wearing suits and academic robes standing behind a table covered with documents. Roy Chadwick second from right wearing CBE. On the reverse 'November 30 1946, L-R Chancellor of Manchester University Sir John…

To Mr Floyd, father of Philip Floyd, mentioning that he was his son's navigator and that he had recently discovered Mr Loyd's address. Expresses concern that he might upset Mr Floyd. Provides description of their last operation on 1000 bomber attack…

Starting with conscription in 1942 as a flight mechanic at RAF Skegness. Working up to a flight engineer but failing as he started working at RAF Halton training as a flight mechanic, then attending a fitter course. Volunteered for the flight…

An airman in uniform is sat outside on some stone steps. On the reverse, 'I think this is the best one duck, me on the end of my pipe' and, 'Nov. 46 M'Pur. (1)'

A man wearing only white shorts, dark socks and white shoes is sunbathing in a chair outside a brick and concrete building with pillars. On the reverse, 'I was just about to sneeze when Eddie took this one Glad. But his shadow spoils this one', and ,…

A full-length photograph of a man in uniform fatigues, with sergeant's stripes. He has his hands in his pockets, and is not wearing a cap. He is standing in a large open space, with a pond behind and to his right. In the background can be seen a…

Sends thanks for nice postcard and discusses family health issues. Mentions he is flying to Paris in a Lancastrian. Catches up with news and mentions they are sending apples.

Letter requesting return of forms forms WDA1 and 21 if she wished to continue with claim.

Letter from the Air Ministry to Mrs E Milling informing her that her husband’s grave has been found in a German cemetery but it and two others are marked collectively with the names and service particulars of three of the crew who could not be…
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