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The wooden flight deck of an aircraft carrier. On the reverse 'HMS Atheling Ceylon to Singapore July 1946 "The Flight Deck" '.

The bridge of HMS Atheling, a former aircraft carrier used as a troop carrier. On the reverse 'HMS Atheling Ceylon to Singapore July 1946. "The Bridge". '

The three men are seated on the deck of a ship. On the reverse 'HMS Atheling From Ceylon to Singapore July 1946 F/Lt ? S/Ldr Carmichael. Self sitting on a Carey float.'


Two views of a football match watched by a group of spectators. On the reverse 'A scene during the game. RAF Singapore July 1946'.


Top left - front quarter view of a York parked on hardstanding. Captioned 'Our York at Almaza, Cairo'.
Top right - view down onto the entrance of a hotel with driveway surrounded by palm trees. Captioned 'Heliopolis Palace hotel, Cairo Feb…


First - over 400 times they led the way. Article about RAF Pathfinders. Crest and details about 35 Squadron. Also mentions 7, 83 and 156 Squadrons as nucleus of force in August 1942. Mentions some of their attacks and numbers of decorations awarded.…

Three-quarter length view of three officers wearing khaki uniform and peaked caps standing in line in front of a single story building. On the reverse 'Bombay, July 1946, P Card: A Horrocks'.

Three men wearing Khaki uniform and shorts standing in line in front of a single story building. On the reverse 'Bombay, July 1946, "Paddy" Smythe, Alan Horrocks'.

Three documents relating to the payment of pay and allowances.
The first advises that Kenneth's final payment of 10/7 has been paid into his bank.
The second advises that £13 and 2 shillings will be paid, dated July 1946.
The third advises that…

Informs her that a war gratuity was payable in respect of Ian Wynn's service.

Inviting him to an investiture for award of his son's DFM.

The letter advises Thomas Thomson that he cannot purchase his discharge.

Stan in tropical uniform and shorts standing at the front of a stone building. On the reverse 'Aden. July. 1946.'


A group of fishermen around a boat. in the background a camel. On the reverse 'Fishermen near Crater. Aden. July. 1946'.


Three fishermen in two boats. On the reverse 'Native fishermen in Crater Bay. Aden. July. 1946'.

A view of several dhows under construction, annotated on the reverse 'Dhow, building yards at Maala. Aden July 1946'.

A letter to Homer asking him to return to work

Notes that they will forward his flying log book.

From Air Ministry confirming war gratuity is payable and encloses form of application for payment. Matters of wills and probate need to be considered. Includes leaflet on advice to relatives of a man who is missing.

From Mr and Mrs J Girdwood thanking them for the cutting they sent. Confirms their sons grave in in Venlo Holland along with all his crew. Sorry that Madgetts have no news of Hedley's grave. Writes that their daughter a nursing sister had died after…

A man dressed in blazer and tie with flat cap stands to the side of an entryway into rock or ice. On the reverse 'Pop at entrance of Rhone Glacier Grotte, 7500 feet above sea level Switzerland, 18 July 1946'.

A woman wearing floral dress sits with child on her knee. In the background shrubs and a lattice fence. On the reverse 'Norma and Ronnie, 29 July 1946 (John's sister in Law and child)'.

Two letters, the first referring to RAF warrant officers being reduced in rank to sergeants from 1 July 1946 and the second about older veterans mocking young soldiers for not having overseas service ribbons.

Top right - air-to-ground view of a city with square grid roads taken from rear turret.
Bottom left - oblique aerial photograph Lake Tappan, New Jersey.
Centre - newspaper cutting with photograph of 16 Lancasters lined up on hard-standing. There…

Top left - In the distance Lancasters in light paint scheme lined up parked on airfield with crews in front. In the foreground spectators seated. In front stand two military personnel with hands clasped behind backs looking on.
Top right above - an…
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