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The letter accompanies two flying log books.

Sam writes about his new job and asks Mac (Colin) to reply with his news.

'Briefed at last congratulations' from Bill.

'Congratulations and best of luck spare room is ready' from Cola and Mary.

'Congratulations and best wishes for the future' from Celia and Tony.

'You've had it now Mitch' from Jim and Bill.

'What's your ETA Mitch' from the gang.

'What about a QDM Mitch' from Bill and Jim.

'Briefed at last - happy landings Pal' from 'Jim.'

'At last, I told you so, all the best from Got Hards.'

Biography of flight engineer Robert (McKenzie otherwise Mackenzie) Smith. Includes early life and RAF training. Continues with operational history and description of flight engineers role. Concludes with post-war brush with law and subsequent career.…

An airman wearing khaki uniform with shorts standing on a balcony with buildings in the background. Submitted with caption 'Johnie Ottewell Cairo June 1946'. On the reverse 'Johnnie Ottewell on a balcony of the Heliopolis Hotel, Cairo, June 1946'.

A man wearing white shorts lying on a bed. On the reverse 'Johnie at Karachi, June 1946'. Submitted with caption 'Johnie Ottewell Karachi June 1946'.

Left page - left - three men wearing civilian suit and tie, the centre man holding a hoisted standard, standing in front of a stone church.
Right - three men wearing civilian suit and tie, the centre man holding a grounded furled standard with…

Left page - top left - group of military personnel marching top left with spectators in background left. Captioned 'Iraq'.
Top right - group of military personnel on parade with standards. Spectators in distance on the left. Captioned 'Egypt'.…

Received when appointed a Warrant Officer in the RAF. Signed by the Secretary of State for Air .

Mentions that he has six log books to cover his flying career. Gives a brief outline of career starting in Poland and then in United Kingdom starting in 1940. After training he became an instructor until volunteering for operations and posting to 300…
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