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Made out for Clifford Dayman and contains record of qualification and courses. Includes b/w photograph head and shoulders portrait.

Three airmen standing in a camp. On the reverse '1/2/46 Self, Alec & Mac at Merv Camp Cairo Egypt'.


Alec is squatting and holding the dog up on two legs. On the reverse '1/2/46 Alec at Merv Camp Cairo Egypt'.

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The three men are in uniform and standing in a camp with tented accommodation. On the reverse '1/2/46 Self, Mac & Les at Merv, Cairo (Egypt) taken by Alec.'


Two views over the hospital grounds.
On the reverse of the first '3/2/46 Hospital grounds again. Cairo (Egypt) Taken from the hospital window by Alec'.
On the reverse of the second '3/2/46 Hospital grounds Cairo taken from hospital window'.

A view of the camp at Cairo. In the distance a pyramid has been marked with a cross. On the reverse '1/2/46 Our camp at Merv, at Cairo (Egypt) with PYRAMIDS in the background. Marked with X.'

Three huts set amongst palm trees. On the reverse '17/2/46 Columbo (Ceylon) transit camp for RAF. Taken by Alec.'

An airman sitting on a chair in the sunshine and smoking a pipe. Behind is a tent. On the reverse '1/2/46 Alec, taking it easy at Merv Camp, Cairo (Egypt)'.

Top left - front quarter view of a York parked on hardstanding. Captioned 'Our York at Almaza, Cairo'.
Top right - view down onto the entrance of a hotel with driveway surrounded by palm trees. Captioned 'Heliopolis Palace hotel, Cairo Feb…


Top left - view on landing from aircraft window of airport buildings including control tower. Runway in foreground. Captioned 'Taken just as we landed at Dum-Dum aerodrome, Calcutta, March 46'.
Top right - snake charmer with snake in basket.…

Top left - front quarter view of a York parked on hardstanding. Captioned 'Our York at Negombo, Colombo, Ceylon Oct 45'.
Top right - view from air of coastline. Captioned 'Coast near Casablanca, Morocco, July 1945'.
Centre - Three airmen in front…

Enlisted in 1939, ground staff until re-mustered as aircrew, Feb 1943 to RAF St Eval, anti-submarine sweeps. May 1943 to 78 Squadron, 1943 instructing at OTU, July 1944 to 35 Squadron Pathfinders, total of 66 operations. Demobbed February 1946.

The letter attaching a Certificate of Death. It is assumed that her husband has died following the disappearance of his aircraft.

For Pat Hogan in Royal Australian Air Force from 15 January 1943 to 23 February 1946.

Signed by P J Hogan with embarkation and disembarkation dates.

Aircraft flown Battle, Anson, Wellington, Halifax. Navigator. Medical examination at RAF Waddington. address in Australia, next of kin. List of postings to units.

Dates in 1945 and 1946. Includes date of embarkation from overseas and disembarkation leave.

Contains personal details dates of service and discharge, promotions and postings and movements.

Gives name, rank demobilization date, decorations awarded (1939-45 Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal and eligible for returned from active service badge,

Four pages from wireless operators log book. January, February, March and April 1946. Aircraft Lancaster. Includes local flying and trip to Italy and France.

To Walter Goodwin in recognition of service in second world war.

In the centre Thomas Jones wearing uniform tunic with half brevet and his bride wearing wedding dress. Either side bridesmaids and other members of wedding party. On the reverse 'L-R, ?, Amy ones, William Jones, Mary Ridsdale, Thomas John Jones DFC,…

Full length portrait of bride (wearing wedding dress) and groom (wearing uniform tunic with half brevet and medal ribbons) standing on the left with three bridesmaids standing to the right and two men standing behind. In the background a stone arched…

Full length portrait of an RAF officer wearing tunic with half brevet and medal ribbons next to his bride wearing wedding dress with bouquet. In the background an arched stone doorway. On the reverse '2.2.46, Tom Jones, Amy Ridsdale, Hambleton…

18 RAF aircrew, submitted with caption; “207 Sqdn Flight Engineers section at Methwold. Feb.1946”
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