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After baling out on 12 September 1944 and evading with the flight engineer for 8 days was captured. Describes move to Dulag Luft and journey to Stalag Luft VII. Gives detailed description of camp and activities. At the end quotes some extracts from…

Top left - view on landing from aircraft window of airport buildings including control tower. Runway in foreground. Captioned 'Taken just as we landed at Dum-Dum aerodrome, Calcutta, March 46'.
Top right - snake charmer with snake in basket.…

For show "Fastair' with programme of acts and other events. Christmas 1945 RAF Mauripur.

Christmas greetings and Christmas dinner menu.

Menu for Christmas eve dinner 24 December 1945. On the reverse signatures and location: RAF officers' mess Mauripur, Karachi, Sind, India.

For mess at Mauripur Sind, SEAAF Christmas 1945. Includes wine list, list of toasts and Christmas day dinner menu. On the back are signatures.

From RAF records office noting that it was planned that Bill Eyles attend investiture at Buckingham palace for award of Distinguished Flying Medal on 4 December 1945. Asks that he be supplied with railway warrant and details when the actual…

Invitation to investiture at Buckingham Palace for award of Distinguished Flying Medal on 4 December 1944.

Gives personal details. Notes awarded DFM (presented by the King) and Pathfinder badge. Lists postings to 78 and 35 Squadrons, mustering, promotions and qualifications.

Personal details. Rank Flying Officer, 466 Squadron flying. List courses.

Gives accounts of operations including target, opposition, anti-aircraft fire, success of bombing, day or night, weather conditions. From September 1944 through to April 1945. Last page has list of losses.

Informs him that a war gratuity of £31 10s 0d was payable in respect of services of his son.

Refers to letter of 10 May 1944 stated they had passed on a request to the British Red Cross to enquire about his son's cuff-links but they replied that no personal effects on any crew member had been recovered. Goes on to outline new enquiries since…

Four servicemen standing in line. The two on the right are wearing khaki uniform tunics. The two on the left are wearing khaki trousers and blue battledress tops. In the background city buildings. On the reverse 'Christmas day 1945 with F/Sgt…

Seven men and a woman, the men wearing a variety of uniform standing behind a lorry. Two men are holding tankards. On the reverse 'Christmas day 1945'.

Writes that he had not found out how Langlois was arrested but it seem that the Belgian he was with had been betrayed. Asks about his activates after the war and tells a little of his own. Says he is enclosing report. Report covers the crash landing…

View across narrow strip of water to wharf completely filled with people with buildings behind. 'Captioned 'Crowded wharf at Fremantle, December 28 1945'

Reg and his bride on their wedding day with bridesmaid and best man.
Information supplied with the collection states 'Reg and Barbara Lane's wedding at St. John's Church, Alwoodley, Leeds 3 December 1945'

Two images on one photograph of a group of airmen and women having a party in the Control Room at Leeming, 1945.

Two images of a party held in the Leeming mess at Christmas, 1945.

Large group of airmen and WAAFs grouped around a Christmas Tree.

Four airmen in the mess, drinking beer. Underneath is a caption with 'Marp, Murry, Bru, Shep'. Information supplied with the collection states 'Flying Control Leeming Christmas 1945'.

Postcard to Rona Hay from her father. He writes that he is looking forward to getting back to the South of France from Bordeaux and wishes her and her mother a Happy Christmas.

Postcard to Rona Hay from her father. He writes that he has gone to Bordeaux and hopes she and her mother have a happy Christmas.

Postcard to Rona Hay from her father. He tells her how long it took for him to fly back from England to Marseilles.
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