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Titled 'RAF School of Administration and accountancy' and captioned 'No 41 Admin Course "Y" Syndicate 14/11/45-9/1/46'. Forty-six RSF officers wearing battledress or tunics many with brevet sitting and standing in four rows.

Made out for Flying Officer H E Wakefield on cover. Includes medical classification and lists protective inoculations and vaccination.

Invitation to investiture at Buckingham Palace for award of Distinguished Flying Medal on 4 December 1944.

Dates in 1945 and 1946. Includes date of embarkation from overseas and disembarkation leave.

From information provided by the donor. Photographs taken on Lancaster flights to Italy as part of Operation Dodge to repatriate Allied service personnel. One is of a ruined bakery, the other two were taken at Pompeii.

Writes thanking them for their letter and telegram on the day of her wedding. She recounts aspects of the wedding and people who attended with regard to their connection with Robert. She describes her new location and also gives news of the doctor…

Order of service including hymns, lessons, prayer and other events.


Photo 1 and 2 are the Flight Engineers seated at a long table set for dinner.
Photo 3 is the Flight Engineers, including Arthur Thomas, standing by a table, drinking. It is captioned with the individuals named.

Postcard to Rona Hay from her father. He tells her he has bought her a doll and is pleased to hear she is starting to write.

Postcard to Rona Hay from her father. He writes that he has been sailing in the sunshine and that there are lots of little girls on the sand.

Postcard to Rona Hay from her father. He explains to her that in Spain they use oxen to plough the fields rather than horses.

Postcard to Rona Hay from her father who writes that the photograph is of the town where he lives now and hopes to take her there sometime.

Postcard to Mrs J. V. Hay from her husband who writes that he is going from Bordeaux to Marseille the next day, about the weather and mentions that the photograph is Vernet les Bain in the Pyrenees.

Postcard to Mrs J. V. Hay from her husband. He writes that he has been to Toulouse but not a good trip as the hotel had no hot water and no lighting. He is now in Bordeaux where conditions are much better.

A postcard to Mrs JV Hay from her husband. He describes driving up to 6000' in a jeep.

Postcard to Mrs J. V. Hay from her husband telling of going into Spain and spending a few hours there where they were well received by the locals.

The first letter asks for his Caterpillar club pin and is dated 26/11/45. The second letter asks to purchase a gold pin, and is dated 23/1/47.

John's membership cards for October and November 1945

A telegram to Jim welcoming him home whilst he was on the transport ship, Aquitania, from 'The Mob at Westons'


Lillian Grundy was born grew up in Ancoats, Manchester. Upon leaving school, she worked in a local mill winding bobbins, and the Hall Brothers Toffee Works wrapping sweets. Grundy met George in 1939 and they were engaged in Easter 1940, however, he…

One page of a letter to Mrs Winden regarding an aircrew member, Allan. It describes the events that led to their aircraft being shot down 20 miles south east of Berlin. Further page or pages are missing.

Notes persona details and hours flown day and night on 115 Squadron at RAF Witchford. Lists operation to Kiel, Potsdam, Gelsenkirchen, Karmen, Bruchstrasse, Munster, Hamm and Heligoland. List sorties on Operation Manna at the Hague, Operation Exodus…

Large group of airmen arranged on and around Lancaster PB529.

Details pay and allowances for October and November 1945 from RAF base accountant officer Bombay

A pass issued to Ted Neale authorising him to travel from CMF to UK.


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