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162 Squadron crew lists and record of operations from 19 December 1944 to 17 April 1945 and John Bolton's memoir.

Two sketches of Mieczysław Stachiewicz drawn by Irene Stachiewicz. One is dated 28.1.45, the other 7.3.46

Five Group Newsletter, number 30, January 1945. Includes a foreword by the Air Officer Commanding, and articles on famous last words, operations, navigation, this month's bouquets, radar navigation, tactics, air bombing, signals, gardening, training,…

Certificate of award of La Croix du Combattant de L'Europe. Awarded by the European Veterans' Confederation to Arthur James Pearce DFM PFF.

Some personal data and a list of operations with heights. Entries for flying days, Operations January to April 1945, Mentions leave, birthdays, train times, days out, events, news of friends and acquaintances, meetings and parties, hospital…


Target photograph showing river running left to right in centre with flare on left side. Captioned '6' and '2480, 104/46, 4/5 Jan 45, F8, NT, ?,→ ??, Latisana RR Bdge, H, 9x500:6x250 Mk IV, 18, F/O Chadwick (F/O Myers B.A.) Z'. Annotated on page…

Target photograph showing snow-covered landscape with river running bottom left curving to top right. In the centre a bridge with bomb explosions on both banks. Captioned '2490, 104/47, 5 Jan 45, F8, 7100 ft,→ 11.06, C.F. Doboj. Annotated on page…

Ten airmen arranged in two rows. The front row is seated, the back row standing. Many have signallers' half brevets. It is captioned -
'No 13 Air Gunners School
Emergency Course No. 31
Evans, Kite, McFadzean, Needham, O'Bee, Warner, White,…

Officers' Mess bill for Eric Horace Woods including payments for Mess subscriptions, payments to the RAF Benevolent Fund, and for Laundry, Tobacco, Cigarettes and Sundries, and Messing.

Navigational Computation and a chart for an operation to Krefeld.

Navigational computation and a chart for an operation to Gremberg Marshalling Yards, Cologne.

Navigational computations and a chart for an operation to Duisburg, Hamborn.

Navigational computations and a chart for an operation to Neuss. On the reverse of the chart is 'F/O Catty'

Navigational computations and a chart for an operation to Ludwigshaven.

Navigational computation and a chart for an operation to Dortmund.

Navigational computations and chart for an operation to Vohwinkel marshalling yards. Included is a vertical aerial photograph with the annotation 'N. A/Pp and on the reverse 'Nr Haan Mod 74'.

Humorous letter from David Donaldson to Flying Officer Matthew saying he's sorry to hear he is indisposed.

Complains about being misled on the content of their conversion course and new engineering practice which has resulted in little flying. Says they could complete the course in half the time if they were allowed to return to Foulsham

Order establishing a military operations area. Includes the template of an official notice.


Colonnello Mario Fontana reports to Major Gordon Lett about air drops and various pieces of equipment handed out by British servicemen to Italian partisans. Complains about the situation, stressing that is now impossible to tell apart what has been…


Major Gordon Lett condemns the disturbance followed a recent air drop at Vezzanelli: Partisans tried to appropriate material intended for the Allied Mission, British personnel tried to restore order and shots were fired on both sides. He recommends a…


Major Gordon Lett writes to Colonnello Mario Fontana regarding the establishment of a military operations area around Rossano. Logistical arrangements are discussed. Mention actions of paratroopers and Special Forces and discusses opportunities for…


Major Gordon Lett writes to Colonnello Mario Fontana regarding drop zones at Borseda Veppo, Vezzanelli, S. Pasquale, and Casoni. The latter must be reserved for material destined for the British special forces.


Colonnello Mario Fontana reports to Major Gordon Lett through Mario Fortelli. Mentions Allied personnel being parachuted behind enemy lines and discusses air drop zones in the La Spezia area. Stresses that zones must be changed, since most items were…


Colonnello Mario Fontana discusses air drops and material sharing, stressing the need of a more rational organisation and a fairer allotment of the supplies.


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