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A summons for cycling without lights.

Letter encloses a transcript of telephone interview and ask Mr Chandler to check for accuracy and asks specific questions about window, operation briefings, bird strike, being coned on Karlsruhe operation, overcoming fear and did he feel operations…

Reports arrival of letters dated January and comments on news about Christmas at home and other news.

Feeling more cheerful with the first spring weather. Had received no mail from home. Discusses address of someone's relatives in England who had put him up and he had not thanked because he became a prisoner. Mentions attending lectures and that…

Front view of a Lancaster with many men working on various parts of aircraft or watching. Captioned 'G1038 3 April 44'. On the reverse 'Avro Lancaster, ? N Africa, Italy'.

Half length portraits of Alan Edgar in RAF uniform and his brother in sergeant's Army uniform. On the front is written 'Best of Luck [indecipherable]' On the reverse 'Flt A.G Edgar Dad & His Brother'. Another comment has been blacked out. A rubber…

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Group of airmen sitting at tables.
Information supplied with the collection states 'Breifing [sic] Room RAF Waddington "Raid on Juvisy 18/19 April 1944" ' There is a banner with 'WC Kingsford-Smith'. he was the squadron's first commanding…

The letter expresses happiness that Dick is safe. It is written by the squadron chaplain.

A letter to Dick from his mother wishing him a happy birthday, included is domestic news.

A letter and envelope to Dick Curnock from his mother. It is full of social news.

From foreign department of Swedish company. Writer is a business friend of his father's who has asked sender to enquire if John had any special wishes. Informed him that the secretary of a named Swedish organisations had met John at Stalag Luft 6 and…

Ten photographs on two pages (24 & 25) in an album.
Page 24:
Photo 1 is an aerial view of an urban area, captioned 'St Paul, Minnesota 1944'.
Photo 2 is two men, a dog and two women, captioned 'Dave, Fred, Jack, Peggy, Mrs Kenyon'.
Photo 3 is an…

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Relates that representative of Swedish Y.M.C.A visited his camp recently bearing enquiries about his well being. The visitor a Mr Soderburg asked if he needed anything and he asked for a violin bow as well as tooth paste and socks as his wife's last…

States the organisation through which contact was obtained with Sergeant John Valentine that their secretary had visited Stalag Luft 6 and seen British prisoner of war John Valentine who asked him to convey his thanks to Grünfeld for books he sent…

Offers a translation of a letter from Mr Wernekinck in Sweden. Notes that due to help of Swedish "Help the War Sufferers" his son John has been located in Stalag Luft 6. Relates from a man who spoke to his son who had tried to locate him in Stalag…

Begins with weather and wishing for rain and continues with description of recent activities including visit to Windsor to get photographs of daughter taken, going to the cinema, shopping, visitors, second hand furniture shopping, re-stowing garage…

Describes birthday presents waiting for him for this year's birthday. mentions family member's visit, describes activities and writes of news that Swedish friend of his fathers visited camp and reported him well. Describes anxiously waiting for his…

Writes that she was thinking of him on his birthday and hoping she could share the next one with him. Mentions returning home from Devon and that lodger was glad she was back. Reports on progress with painting, other repairs to house and state of…

Writes from Devon, describes countryside and activities. Mentions celebrating daughter's birthday and lists presents she received. Glad that British MO has found treatment for his nose. Catches up with family news and says she will be glad to get…

Reports arrival of some of his letters and says she will track down source of books he received. Writes of her activities and plans to go to Devon for 10 days. Mentions buying things for house and future commuting to London. Continues with comment on…

Number 160-17. Writes he has had no mail and no sign of spring. Mentions that he has passed 700th day in confinement. Notes receiving ten books from Sweden but no sign of her parcels from last year and no tobacco parcels for months. His violin has…

Number 159-16. Comments on lack of mail. Writes of receiving books from Sweden and practising violin in incinerator. Comments on health and excellent treatment by medical officer. Requests more photographs of house, daughter and her. Asks if she…

Number 158-15. Reports on mail from friends/family but none from her, mentions daughter anniversary. Writes that winter has now gone and he is glad he survived in in good health. Mentions practising violin for 6 hours a day but little progress.…

Number 157-14. He writes of domestic,family and financial subjects giving her his opinion and advice to her on these. He thanks her for an anticipated parcel and requests no more music. He asks if hot and cold water can be laid on in bedrooms at…

Number 156-13. Writes it has been month since her last letter arrived. Mentions weather and violin. Still getting Red Cross food and despite cut in potatoes and increased number in camp, they are still alright.
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