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From casualty branch expressing regret that his son was missing as result of air operations on night 25/26 February 1943 when his Lancaster failed to return. Enquiries would be made via the Red Cross.

Writes that he was keeping fit and had received letters. Comments spring was near and they had had good weather in contrast to winter. Longs to be free.

A record of astronomical observations recorded by F G Bower.

A telegram sent by Terry Ford to his sister, Moira. He wishes her a happy birthday and that she passes her exams.

Letter from Terry to his family. He writes about the weather and the terrible blizzards they have had, and about his course which will be complete in a week’s time.


Letter from Terry to his family. He writes thanking them for their letters and money and says that he has just been on leave to Regina; about the weather and his exams.

A telegram from Terry Ford wishing his mother a happy birthday.

Letter from Terry Ford to his family. He writes that he is very busy and he is feeling tired, that his fellow airmen are from various walks of life, and that they are getting tired of the prairie and is looking forward to leaving it. He also writes…

Peter Lamb describes the training and his desire to visit Terry Ford.

Terry Ford writes home of his domestic, social and RAF training life.

A squadron photograph of many airmen arranged in six rows at the front of a Lancaster with an seventh row on top of the wing. On the reverse '460 Sqn. RAAF March 1943 Aircraft 'R Robert' Lost on Skoda Raid April 17th 1943 24 Operations'.
Two further…

33 airmen and one Naval Officer standing in front of Lancaster with Admiral Prune II nose art and 11 bomb symbols. Guy Gibson is eigth from the left on the front row.
On the reverse ‘March 1943 ED593 Admiral Prune
Left to right

Three photograph cuttings with text cutting at bottom. Photograph 1 shows multiple industrial buildings with railway lines running top left to bottom right. There is damage to roof of buildings on the right. Photograph 2 shows Krupps works before the…


Article 1. Headlines: Vyasma occupied by red army, pursuit towards Smolensk continuing, heavy casualties inflicted, Germans claimn to be in Kharkov. Article 2. headlines: Mr Eden in Washington, meeting to-day with President Roosevelt, wide…

Top left: three actors on stage, a man and an actor dressed as woman stand on the left talking to a third dressed as jockey sitting on a sofa. In the background right a mullioned window on the left a bookcase. Captioned 'E31 "For the Love of Mike",…

Top left: a group of actors on stage in a variety of male and female costumes, Captioned 'E13 "Girls, Girls, Girls", Stalag Luft 3,Mar 43'. Top right:two actors on stage one dressed in tails and the other a in a wedding dress. Captioned 'E14…

Top left: two actors on stage, one wearing tails the other in evening gown. Captioned 'E7 "Girls, Girls, Girls", Stalag Luft 3,Mar 43'. Top right: Eleven actors on stage. ten dressed as dancing girls and the other in the centre in long evening…

Top left: group of actors dressed as dancing girls and in other costumes, all on stage. Captioned 'E1 "Girls, Girls, Girls", Stalag Luft 3,Mar 43'. Top right: three actors on stage, one in skirt, one in coat and tails and the other in bra and…

Writes that she has sent forth parcel and provides a long list and description of contents. Continues with news of holiday in Sussex describing availability of food from farm and new farming methods for tomatoes and lettuces. Goes on to describe…

Writes that she has received a large amount of his mail and mentions her own letter frequency. Replies to all the points and requests that he made in his letters. Says he should not worry about her job goes on with description of their daughter and…

Writes of describing a property in Hertfordshire and asks him to tell her whether he favours renting or buying. Describe meeting with bank manager to discuss finance of new house. Describes visit to potential house and writes of her recent activities…

Continues to write about housing enquiries including options too rent or buy and possible locations and types of property. Mentions she is reading and old book about farming and goes on to describe her recent activities. Catches up with news of…

Number 15. Records letters that he has received and mentions how valuable they are to him. Mentions that typewritten ones seem to arrive quicker. Says he has a new violin teacher. Writes he is looking forward to more photographs, that he is…

Number 15. Reports her letter 51 arrived. Urges her not to buy house due to their limited capital and potential disaster in farming investment. Suggest she rents if finds something suitable and speculates over future employment.

Number 13. Discusses future farming enterprise and working through county agricultural advisers. Mentions costs, type of farm. location, transport, need to be close to railway, going to agricultural college when he returns and that he misses her.
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