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  • Temporal Coverage starts with "1942-10"

Thanks her for letters and says life there continues the same. Mentions friend in camp and his studies. Mentions that it was getting chilly and expects severe winter.

Provides explanation for mistaken report that Donald had died. Source of mistake was a signal quoting Red Cross cable that he had died. When this was queried, Red Cross confirmed with German authorities that he was alive and well. Details subsequent…

Had not received any mail due to restrictions. Asked if she got letter of condolence when he was supposed to be dead and clears up matter of girl from Stamford. Says he will need new underwear for next year if they are still there (1943). Resigned to…

Only had one letter in last six weeks and mentions there had been a restriction on their mail but it had now been lifted. Hopes that they had received cable that reports of his death were a mistake. Catches up with other news.

A telegram that Terry sent to his parents stating that all is well and he is safe.

Letter from Terry to his family. He writes giving them his new address in Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada and asks after his old friends.


Letter from Terry to his family. He writes that he has been to the cinema, and has been having a good time. He also enclosed £3 for them to bank for him and mentions friends he has seen.

Terry Ford writes home describing his journey across Canada en-route to his training school at Neepawa. He mentions the scenery, the people and the differences in the way of life between home and Canada he encountered.

Terry Ford writes home telling his family about his experiences of Moncton, Canada and the differences there from home.

A group of 18 aero-modellers standing in a line and holding their models. On the reverse is 'October 1942'.

A certificate awarded to Dick Curnock for passing the Aircrew syllabus.

Mentions that they were captain and navigator of leading Lancaster which attacked locomotive works at Le Creusot. Awarded Distinguished Service Order.

First article: account of national service of remembrance and prayer for British prisoners of war. Afterwards a meeting at Colusseum organised by prisoner of war fund where three women, two mothers and a wife of men in same prison camp sat together.…

Three articles about reprisals against British prisoners of war if German prisoners are fettered. Claims that Germans captured at Dieppe were chained. First: More British prisoners to be chained, fiercer German threats, Italians join the plot,…

A card for the Aboukir Boat Club, Egypt with on the cover and reverse signatures of attendees. On the reverse a menu for the 17th Annual Dinner with a list of the meal and prizewinners.

Starts with requests about his crew and other discussion of gallantry award for his pilot. Continues with news of daily activities of friends and family. Mentions trying to get a doll's pram for daughter and a tells of her wearing a new costume as…

Writes of day to day activities and domestic maters. Mentions that she is not sending photographs as none have been taken recently. Catches up with news of friends and mentions that bad weather has prevented gardening. Writes that Frances came out in…

Comments on problems with censorship of letters and tells of her attempts to get food parcels from foreign countries. Mentions she was touched by descriptions of him learning violin. Catches up with family and friends news and her attempts to find…

Writes of her activities and domestic matters including making chutney and marmalade as well as going to Red Cross meeting to receive mementos her for work done on penny a week club. Continues with description of church service arranged for next of…

Writes about daughter Frances being 18 months old, has no sign of measles and her putting squash ball in the oven where it melted. Continues with family news and description of her recent activities. Mentions that Red Cross is sending medicines and…

Thanks him for recent letters and mentions raining medical supplies issues with Red Cross headquarters. Glad he has joined church choir and decided to study English literature. Discuses other potential study and lack of mail from his family. She goes…

Writes of getting violin music and tutors for him as well as enquiring about his violin and where he practices. Catches up with family news.

Writes of letters received and contents of parcel sent and intended for future based in his lists of requirements. Writes about his violin lessons and comments that prisoner of war monthly journal mentioned his camp had a dance band and symphony…

Number 24. Notes it is the 3rd anniversary of their engagement and he writes how lucky he has been since asking her to marry him. He has been for a walk and seen some of the outside world.

Number 23. No mail since last card. Is fit and has enough to eat. No exercise for two months but hopes to play soccer soon. Has had notification of books on their way but no sign of clothing food or tobacco parcels. Has joined newly opened Toc H…
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