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  • Temporal Coverage starts with "1942-08"

Top left - high jumper wearing sports kit in mid air over bar. To the right and official. Captioned 'C[..] Sports day, Stalag Luft 3, Aug 42'.
Top right - long jumper in mid air with officials to the right, Spectators in the far distance. Captioned…

Top left - runner at finish tape while another has fallen behind him. Other runners further back. Spectators on roof of, and in front of huts to the left. Captioned 'C20 Sports day, Stalag Luft 3, Aug 42'.
Top right - on the right man in shorts in…

Top left - runners on track pass officials on right. To the left spectators in front of and on the roof of huts. Captioned 'C37 Sports day, Stalag Luft 3, Aug 42'.
Top right - spectators on roof, in windows and in front of wooden huts. Captioned…

Top left - on the left a shot putter just after throw, shot visible in centre. In the background spectators and huts. Captioned 'C21 Sports day, Stalag Luft 3, Aug 42'.
Top right - crowd of men some in sports kit standing talking in front of wooden…

Top left - a large crowd of man wearing various bits of uniform and sports kit in front of wooden huts. Captioned 'C[..] Sports day, Stalag Luft 3, Aug 42'.
Top right - runners on track coming towards camera. On left wooden huts with spectators in…

Top middle - on the left a group captain wearing tunic shakes hands with a man in sports kit in the centre. A sergeant stands with his back to camera on the right and two other men look on from the background. Captioned '[....]'.
Bottom left - a…

Top left - group of runners on track coming towards camera, Spectators on the right. Captioned 'C35 Sports day, Stalag Luft 3, Aug 42'.
Top right - group of runners with leader at finish tape. On the left of track wooden huts with spectators on…

Top left - a model glider stood on wingtip. Captioned 'A[..] NCO's arts and crafts exhib. Stalag Luft 3'.
Top right - a model sailing ship. Captioned 'A11 NCO's arts and crafts exhib. Stalag Luft 3'.
Centre middle - A model sailing ship on a table…

Top left - a man looking closely at a model ship on a table. In the background other figures. Captioned 'A10 NCO's Arts and Crafts Exhib, Stalag Luft 3'.
Top middle - four posters/drawings mounted on wall. Captioned 'A15 NCO's Arts and Crafts…

Writes that he cannot say much due to security. Cannot describe local area as has not been off camp. Says job take until next Wednesday. Asks after children and catches up with family news. Writes of amusing incident.

Writes he is off on a trip and not to write until she hears from him.

An examination paper with 13 questions of which 10 need answered. The questions are in two sections - Bombing and Gunnery.

Acknowledges earlier telegram and reports he's fit and well.

Telegram from Frank Hobbs reporting address is RAF Gilgil, Kenya

Two pictures of Wellington 'HA-A', parked on grass. Left image from rear quarter with two wheeled equipment in foreground and two men under the starboard wing. Right image from the front quarter with a man crouching by boarding ladder under the…

Peter Lamprey writes complaining that post has been held up but that he has at last received his posting to the next step in training.

Peter Lamprey starts with some friendly banter and mentions that he has managed some time off. He says the letter was interrupted by some unspecified duty away and concludes with catch up news.

Two men sunbathing whilst an airman is hiding with his head under a tent made from a chair and a towel. They are seated outside a wooden building. On the reverse 'Humewood Port Elizabeth August 1942'.

Athlete shaking hands with Group Captain. Behind is the table of prizes and other spectators.

Runner holding a baton breaking the tape at the end of the race. At the side and on the roof of a hut are spectators seated and standing.

The men, mostly topless are standing behind the line. Behind on the roof a hut are two seated men.

Three men facing the camera. The first has a cap, shirt and braces, the second a sun shade, is topless and has a pipe. The third is looking loosely in the direction of the camera. Other spectators are in the background.

Thirteen men seated on a mound of sand. One man is wearing a sergeant's uniform. One man has a pipe in his mouth. Behind are their huts.

Ball dropping into the basketball net, watched by three players and four spectators. In the background are the men's huts.

Four men seated at a table. Eleven other men positioned around. On the wall behind is a board with the message 'Honest Winnie' and an unclear list. On the hut wall is written 'Cigarettes or Camp Money Min 10 Cigs'.
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