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A list of 16 aircraft and crew lost between May and November 1942 from 301 Squadron.
Business card for P/O Harry William Bock, Polish Air Force.

A wall runs from bottom left to top right with buildings and palm trees to the left and above. To the right centre a fortification. On the reverse addressed to Mr and Mrs H E Hudson writing that he is delighted to have received cross parcel and about…

Dave warns his fiancée, Betty, that he had to change station again. The journey was long and tiring. It is located near the town of Assiniboia from which the station takes its name. He concludes with affection for Betty.

Second of David Geach's diaries, describing his training for aircrew at Kingstown, Heaton Park, Hastings and Harrogate until his embarkation to Canada on the Queen Mary. Covers the period from 20 June 1942 to 7 October 1942.

Telegram from Frank Hobbs reporting address is RAF Gilgil, Kenya

Acknowledges earlier telegram and reports he's fit and well.

[1]DAVID AND THE RAF2 (2).pdf
Account of Wing Commander David Donaldson's RAF career from his early interest in flying and joining the Royal Air Force volunteer reserve in 1934, call up in 1939 and operational tours on 149 Squadron, 57 Squadron, flight commander 156 Squadron…

Starting with conscription in 1942 as a flight mechanic at RAF Skegness. Working up to a flight engineer but failing as he started working at RAF Halton training as a flight mechanic, then attending a fitter course. Volunteered for the flight…

Writes he is off on a trip and not to write until she hears from him.

Writes that he cannot say much due to security. Cannot describe local area as has not been off camp. Says job take until next Wednesday. Asks after children and catches up with family news. Writes of amusing incident.

Number 13. Writes that her letters 1-5 arrived. Says post could be delayed both ways and suggest she send one letter a week. Notes that ration cuts have been restored and regular Red Cross parcels arriving. Says he is now feeling much better and has…

Number 14. Notes arrival of latest mail from home. Looking forward to parcel. Asks her to list contents of parcel so he can advise on what he needs. Mentions tobacco and cigarettes. Discusses various types of mail and which is best.

Number 15. Writes that her letters 1-9 have arrived. Lists in order of importance item he would like her to send. Thanks for and sends well wishes. Do not send books, time fully occupied. Started violin lessons and lists stationary he would like…

Letter to Miss E B Griffin, thanks her for letter and photographs, particularly of his wife, which arrived in record sixteen days. Life is monotonous but he is well fed and busy. Is lucky to be in best camp. Hopes that early letter when things were…

Number 16. Reports on letters that have arrived. Mentions money he left in his locker at the squadron and discusses finances and income tax. Thrilled with photographs Barbara sent. Writes about life in camp, room mates, his daily routine, Red Cross…

Peter Lamprey starts with some friendly banter and mentions that he has managed some time off. He says the letter was interrupted by some unspecified duty away and concludes with catch up news.

Peter Lamprey writes complaining that post has been held up but that he has at last received his posting to the next step in training.

Letter from Terry Ford to his parents telling them of his life on camp and that he is still waiting to hear his classification result. He has sent some laundry home as the camp does not have laundry facilities.

Letter from Terry Ford to his parents letting them know that he has been classified as a u/t pilot, and the new intake has arrived.

Acknowledges receipt of his postcard number 5 and is worried about his health. Asks if he has received Red cross parcels yet and mentions parcels of cigarettes and tobacco she has sent. States her plan to send him agricultural books for study.…

Reports arrival of a number of postcards and letters and mentions parcels of tobacco and cigarettes she and his father have sent. Mentions she believes letter cards will get to him more quickly. Writes of her attempts to spread request for food…

Asks what sort of books he would like her to send and says she is doing best she can with food parcels. Mentions that income tax assessment has arrives and provides some financial details. Writes that his kit arrived from depository along with…

Reports arrival of his letters and postcards and that she has at last received his prisoner of war number. Writes of results of her efforts to recruit friends and acquaintances at home and abroad to send him food parcels. Mentions arrival of heavily…

Writes of her recent activities with daughter Frances and friends. Mentions that she has heard that food parcels from the United States have been stopped. Writes of contacting Red Cross education books section and news of friends. Continues with…

Asks whether he would like her to send razor and to mention that he would like his post office savings book to be returned to her as she need his written authority for this. Asks whether he would be prepared to make a rug if she sends him materials.…
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