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  • Temporal Coverage starts with "1942-02"

Top left - night view down city street with cars and buildings on the far side. Captioned '8th Avenue west, Calgary, Alberta (taken at 2110 hrs, 21.2.42)'.
Top right - three-quarter length image of two men in hiking kit standing in front of a river.…


Pilots flying log book for P H Gaunt, pilot, covering the period from 20 October 1944 to 21 June 1952. Detailing his operations flown and post war flying at 69 reserve centre and 7 reserve flying school. He was stationed at RAF Foggia and RAF…

Top - a large group of trainee airmen wearing greatcoats and side caps sitting and standing in three rows in front of a brick building with large windows criss-crossed with blast tape. On the reverse signatures. Captioned 1 - 'Heaven help poor old…

Thirty-five airmen wearing greatcoats and side or peaked caps sitting and standing in four rows.

Submitted with caption 'Back row left to right. Edward Pullen, became a Wing Commander, killed in action 20 December 1943 when serving with 50…

Pilots flying log book two for Thomas Other Prickett, covering the period from 2 May 1940 to 18 June 1944. Detailing his flying training, instructor duties, operations flown and staff duties with the RAF Delegation to the USA. He was stationed at RAF…

Offering him, subject to conditions to be appointed as examiner in the Aeronautical Inspection Directorate in Liverpool.

A man wearing flying jacket and helmet standing in front of a Stearman biplane. Other aircraft in line behind. Captioned 'Dad's first flying instructor at Carlstrom Field taken in February 1942. Mr J E Don. I thought it might fit in with the one of…

Man wearing flying helmet with goggles and jacket standing in front of a PT-17 Stearman biplane with another aircraft in the background. On the reverse 'My 1st American instructor, Mr J K Don, Carlstom Field, Arkadia, Fla, Feb 1942'.

Writes he has not received mail from her but has had letters from relatives and friends in England. Says life there is much the same but have made an open air ice skating rink. Asks after friend.

Gives rules for letters, enclosures, methods of address for prisoners where war number and camp address known or details not yet announced. Mentions prisoners in Italian hands and that no attempts should be made to contact through neutral countries.…

Two pages detailing some of Sam's time in Egypt.
Photo 1 is HMS Sagitta from the air.
Photo 2, 3 and 4 are Sam working on a lamp.
Photo 5 is Sam playing tennis.
Photo 6 is Sam and colleague in khaki and shorts.
Photo 7 is a letter in…

A description of Sam's further training in the UK then operations at Malta.
Photo 1 is an informal group photograph with airmen, two WAAFs and three dummies.
Photo 2 is an air-to-air view of a Wellington.

Informs her that permits could not be granted to private individuals for the dispatch of parcels to British prisoners of war in neutral countries. Encloses leaflet with details regarding dispatch of parcels.

Transcripts of nearly 50 telegrams between Douglas Hudson and his parents between August 1941 and November 1942.

An oblique image of Scoudouc airfield. Taken in low sun the hangars cast long shadows. About six aircraft are outside. On the reverse 'Ross my Instructor does a half roll & we get Scoudouc slap bang in the lens. That's Shooting Feb 42'.

Writes of winter weather and snow but now looking forward to warmer days. Mentions trying to get news of friend with no luck. Last letter from him was dated 25 November and longing for more news. Talks of father's health and catches up with other…

Delighted to get cable but wished letters would get through as well. Mentions being encouraged to write letters but having little to say. Wonders whether he gets enough food and mentions food situation getting difficult at home with possible…

Writes of her health and weather. Discusses problems of sending him a parcel which post office refuse. Says she will just continue to write letters even if they are dull and uninteresting. Mentions it was a year since moving to Nelson and says how…

Valentines greeting. Mentions dispatched parcels of cigarettes. Await letters.

Writes of weather and melting snow. Reminisces on past events. Philosophises on need for tolerance, courage and confidence of young causing anxiety amongst elders. Catches up with other correspondence and passes on news. Says she is going to send…

Wrote that she had note from censor that she could not send a parcel direct but only via Red Cross and could only contain soap. Mentions some parcels got through but according to post office it was just good luck. Philosophises about hope. Continues…

Writes of cold weather and snow and trying to keep warm. Mentions his latest cable and catches up with news of family and friends. Mentioned he wrote he was not well and wondered if he had recovered. Philosophises on future. No progress with parcel…

Writes of winter weather and snow. Comments on good weather in North Africa he reported in his latest letters. Notes they have not had much fog, possibly because they are out of town. Catches up with news of visitor and other activities. Joy to have…
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