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Begins with catching up with news from home. Mentions not much chance of leave but that he has had photograph taken of himself. Writes that Brighton is change from previous locations and describes activities. Continues with news of training…

Writes that he does not have much time to write letters. Mentions long walks on the downs, beach, cliffs and through local villages. Mentions allowance that should be sent home for mother. Exams next week and writes of doing plots of raid on Munster…

Writes he has arrived in Brighton, but nobody knew what to do with them. They are hanging around waiting for posting and he wants one to A.O.N.S. Talks of meeting old pals and surprise at receiving a parcel from home.

Describes his flying with his instructor and then final test with C.F.I. where he went to pieces. Now recommended for training as observer and awaiting posting. States he is interested in job and does not mind. He writes he is upset that mother will…

Writes he is not going with grading course but staying at Theale for Elementary Flying Training School. Mentions he had a test with C.F.I. Writes he will now have to get down to work and there will be no leave. Writes of incident where student left…

Describes journey back to Theale and snowy weather. Still unclear about his future. Says he enjoyed his visit home.

Top left - seven men playing hockey on ice. Two are on the ground. In the background a guard tower and line of spectators. Captioned 'B21 Officers v NCO's, Stalag Luft 1. Feb [..]'.
Top middle - the backs of men playing ice hockey. In the…

Relates trip to London and describes show at the Palladium and tea at the Canadian Beaver Club. Mentions some damage to buildings in London. Writes that that he has found an old toy engine at his billet for his son David. Talks of troops scheduled…

Full face portrait of a woman with dark hair wearing a pearl necklace signed 'Love Rosemary'. On the reverse 'Dearest Hedley, with happiest memories of Feb 18-22 1942 when we met, Rosemary, be good darling!!'.

Head and shoulders portrait of a sergeant wearing tunic with pilots brevet and side cap. Signed 'H R Madgett, Feb 1942'. Captioned 'Pilot Officer H R Madgett, 127 Longlands road, Sidcup'.

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Menu for wings dinner for No 33 Course at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Medicine Hat. Includes menu, toasts and autographs for H R Madgett and Ralph "Tuck" Hansel.

Written from Medicine Hat announcing the course had finished and listing his ground examination results. Says that he has completed night flying but still has to do flight commander, C.F.I and final link trainer test. Writes that he passed his final…

Writes from Medicine Hat with only four days to go. Still has some flying required to reach his 90 hours and weather has been poor. Outbreak of scarlet fever might delay departure. Still has C.F.I test to go and has found out he has been recommended…

Telegram from Medicine Hat address for parents. Reads 'Please dont write only cable passing out 13 flying swell gone night solo = Hedley Madgett'.

Reconnaissance photograph of a harbour area with sea at bottom and land at top. The land is covered in city buildings. there are piers on the shore top right and middle left. There are many ships, some of them identified as Anna Maria, Ariosto,…

Wartime memoir covering Dennis Raettig's training at Blackpool and the posting to 104 Squadron at Royal Air Force Driffield in August 1941. Worked on Wellington aircraft and mentions that Driffield also hosted the blind approach landing flight…

Peter Lamprey catches up with friend and mentions that he hopes to be posted south soon.

Vertical aerial photograph of unidentified location. Detail are largely obscured by clouds, smoke and anti-aircraft fire. Towards the top a road and fields are visible. Captioned ‘2. S (X8) 12 NT 31/1-1/2-42 TX. F/8” [arrow].

Scenes of American transport. The first is a truck at the side of a snowy road. A corporal is about to enter the passenger side. On its front above the cab is 'Knaust Bros Inc Mushrooms'. Captioned ' Airmans Special Alec Wood somewhere between Albany…


Four men playing ice hockey watched by a group of spectators. Behind are their huts.

Group of ice hockey players. The goal keeper is on his knees defending his goal. Behind are spectators and their huts.

An icehockey goalkeeper standing by his goal. Behind in the snow are spectators wearing great coats.

Six men at the goal during an ice hockey match. Behind is a large group of spectators and a watch tower.

A group of 12 men with skates and sticks arranged in a small group. Behind are spectators and further behind their huts.
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