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Top - telegram reporting that Jack was interned. Bottom - telegram informs that he husband was now at Gibraltar.


Describes events leading up to and including Jack Newton's last operation before crash landing in Belgium. Lists his crew and gives account of their attempts at evasion, meeting with Belgian helpers, moving to various safe houses and Jack Newton's…

Includes photographs of twelve squadron officers, the crashed aircraft, some of the crew, Jack and Mary Newton and Sgt R D Porteous. Recounts the last sortie of the crew to Aachen when they had to jettison their bombs, an engine caught fire and they…

Message to occupied Jersey saying longing to be together again and good health. Reply on reverse catches up with news of friends and activities.


Green card 'POW letters Jan 1942'.

Send that parcels of books and cigarettes have been sent to P/O Baker. Asks for prisoner of war number and address.

Informs her they have forwarded letter to her son and gives his address at Dulag Luft.

A group of trainee airmen arranged in six rows. F G Bower is in the front row, third from left. On the reverse each individual is named.

Writes that he is well and that he had received no letters as yet. Writes that they had a merry Christmas as were allowed some beer. Mentions entertainment and seeing new year in. Says contact Red Cross or post office for most suitable writing paper.

Pilots flying log book one, for George Alexander Mackie, covering the period from 17 September 1940 to 30 September 1942. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Meir, RAF Cranfield, RAF…

Writes that he has not yet received any letters from her. Mentions he is addressing letter differently (through British Embassy Ankara, Turkey) to see which is quickest. Mentions activities over festive season including party with sing song on new…

Letter from people in Paignton that Donald visited when stationed in local area. Recounts that he payed a surprise visit and subsequently they received a card saying the he had 'arrived in Germany'. He had asked them to write which they intended to…

Says card from Donald Baker well and happy. Address P/O Donald Arthur Baker RAF Dulag Luft, Germany.

Two pages detailing some of Sam's time in Egypt.
Photo 1 is HMS Sagitta from the air.
Photo 2, 3 and 4 are Sam working on a lamp.
Photo 5 is Sam playing tennis.
Photo 6 is Sam and colleague in khaki and shorts.
Photo 7 is a letter in…

A description of Sam's further training in the UK then operations at Malta.
Photo 1 is an informal group photograph with airmen, two WAAFs and three dummies.
Photo 2 is an air-to-air view of a Wellington.

On the left George Dunmore wearing tunic with corporal rank stands arm in arm with wife Louise, on the right, wearing white wedding dress and holding bouquet, Caption 'Mr and Mrs George Dunmore, 17 January 1942'. In th background a church door.…

Transcripts of nearly 50 telegrams between Douglas Hudson and his parents between August 1941 and November 1942.

Writes of reading one of his latest letters and glad he has better circumstances and able to have walks. Mentions autumn and winter weather they have had. Writes of their activities and hope that he can have a fire. Comments on content of other of…

Reports arrival of seven letters from him; latest from 21 November all from Laghouat. Notes a gap from 17 September to 22 October with no letters. Joy to know he is in good conditions in new camp and allowed out into town. Mentions book they got from…

Thanks him for sending two cables and spending his allowance on sending birthday greetings to her. Writes about her health and indulging in warmth and rest. Mentions her condition was aggravated when he went missing and by other stressful…

Writes of having breakfast after father got home from night duties. Mentions winter weather continuing with ice and local boys sledging. Still waiting for letters but they still keep writing to him. Writes about books from the library that she has…

Delighted to receive cable, asks if calendars arrived. Awaiting letters latest dated 17 September.

Writes of seeing father of on cold dark morning and is wondering what he was doing. Says she has written many times and what letters she gets from him bring her great joy. Thankful that he is alright and gets pleasure from games, tournaments and has…

Writes of cold winter weather, wonders if he has warm clothes and food and wishes she had more frequent letters from him. Strange to have long delays as in the past they got letters regularly. Every day brings them closer to peace. Does not think he…

Writes of last letters received and latest cable. Asks about dogs he mentioned in camps and catches up with news of family and friends. Mentions other correspondence and passes on news. Writes of father going out on night duty and comments on the…
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