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Green card 'Dulag Luft, First POW letter, 10 Nov 41'.

Letter to C Baker informing him that his son Pilot Officer Donald Baker was interned unwounded in Dulag Luft.

Writes that he is OK and in camp and well treated. Says Red Cross do them well and asks her to send cigarettes. Mentions friend who is OK.

First letter as prisoner of war. Says he is well and that he would number letters. Suggests she should make sure from Red Cross what she might send him. Asks for photographs with letters. Requests: towels, soap and toothbrushes in first parcel and…

Expresses regret that his son Pilot Officer Donald Arthur Baker was missing as a result of air operations on 5 November 1941. Only information available was that he was captain of a Hampden which set out to bomb the enemy and failed to return. Does…

Information received 18 November 1941 that German wireless mentioned that Pilot Officer Donald Arthur Baker is a prisoner of war. Treat with reserve pending official confirmation.

Telegram to Donald Bakers parents that their son Pilot Officer Donald Arthur Baker had been mentioned in a German broadcast on 15 november 1941 as being a prisoner of war. Information should be treated with reserve pending official confirmation.

Reports that son Pilot Officer D A Baker was missing as a result of air operations. Mentions he was captain of aircraft detailed to attack shipping but cause of failure to return was not known. Provides hopeful information for future, mentions that…

Telegram from Air Ministry informing parents that their son Pilot Office Donald Baker is reported missing as result of air operations on 5 Nov 1941.

List of twenty-nine letters sent by Donald Baker to his mother between June 1940 and September 1941. Also notes he was shot down on 5 November 1941.

Framed display case with two photographs, uniform buttons, medal ribbons and medals, Rhodesia flash, two newspaper cuttings (RAF bombers fire ships and role of honour - incorrect report that he died in prisoner of war camp). In addition a telegram, a…

A letter from Jack Lawrence to Terry Ford telling him about the course and subjects he is studying while at Naval Air School in Pensacola, Florida, and their social activities.

49 airmen arranged in four rows. On the reverse are the signatures of those present.
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Commando raid on Rommel's HQ, Posthumous award. Account of award of Victoria Cross to Lieutenant Colonel G C T Keyes for his part of a raid on Rommel's headquarters in Libya in November 1941 and an account of the action.

Hopes he got back into camp safely and that he caught all his trains okay. Mentions it was raining but it was lovely to have him home for 24 hours. Illustration of fisherman at top and palm trees at bottom.

Writes of receiving letters and parcels. Discusses her going down to 'the farm' to be near him and possible transport and pram arrangements. Worries whether accommodation is suitable for baby and how much time she would have with him. Apologises for…

Asks if he would like a chamois leather waistcoat. Writes her brother is doing last exam and they will then be able to get down to discussion on cars verse motorbikes. Continues with problems with new head fire guard upsetting the status quo. Notes…

Thanks him for ringing and glad his medical problems being addressed. Catches up with domestic issues and discusses merits of motorbike or small car. Continues with discussion on what needs to be done if she is to be near him. Hopes he will get leave…

Writes hoping they operate on him whatever the effect on his flying career. Thanks him for money and complains about his poor view of her brother's unwillingness to join up. Continues with gossip and baby news. Concludes with domestic news and that…

Writes about her recent purchases and wishes him luck at Halton.

Chastises him over his comments on her letter writing and thanks him for sending her sister a birthday card and a photograph of a Hampden. Continues with other gossip and asks whether she will travel to meet him this weekend.


Sad that he will get no leave this week. Mentions bad fog and then describes daily activities. Catches up with family and baby news.

Writes about meeting at the weekend at his parents’ and finishing her article for Housewife.

Mentions a WAAF lodger and writes about her domestic activities, listening to a talk by Mrs Jean Knox, the Director of the Auxiliary Territorial Service, and about news of American miners’ strike.

Writes about her neighbours and their daughter.
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