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  • Temporal Coverage starts with "1941-06"

Gives some personal details. Dates of enlistment. Commission, promotions, award of DFC, medical boards and movements.

Text for a lecture. Joined RAF as air observer in June 1941. List initial training postings, conversion to Halifax, crewing up and posting to 102 Squadron at RAF Pocklington in May 1943. Describes preparation for operations and lists 6 operations…

Pilots flying log book two for Thomas Other Prickett, covering the period from 2 May 1940 to 18 June 1944. Detailing his flying training, instructor duties, operations flown and staff duties with the RAF Delegation to the USA. He was stationed at RAF…

Alan writes that a letter has been received.

The telegram sends thanks for messages, Mary for letters, strips and badge.

Thanks her for letters and acknowledges receipt of their cable and photographs. Catches up with news of family/friends. Says he will cable every two weeks to let them know he is OK. Mentions wings and commissioning had been granted but does not wear…

List of twenty-nine letters sent by Donald Baker to his mother between June 1940 and September 1941. Also notes he was shot down on 5 November 1941.

Two photographs showing damage to the rear fuselage of Blenheim WV-G V6525. First shows right side, small holes in the skin except a large hole in the roundel. The reverse has RAF Horsham St Faith photographers stamp, captioned '425G Damaged…

Handwritten notes include: boost controls, various valves, rev counter, engine installation, heaters, fire extinguishers, oil filter maintenance and aerodrome ground signals.

Script of telegram stating removed from Aumale Algeria, received all cables, several letters dated May 29, writing twice weekly.

Reports cable received awaiting letter.

Chestnut trees in bloom, brings memories, hope.

Reports letters and postcard received. In own home with pleasant garden.

Writes about the recent good weather and the view from the house. Wonders whether he is able to enjoy Africa. Some time since his last letter but glad they are able to cable him, which they are planning to do that week. Catches up with local news and…

Writes of good weather and not needing a fire as well as recent storm with lightning. Mentions cost of strawberries. Mentions good news from him in his cables and wonders how he is doing in his new camp. Continues with chat and gossip, Catches up…

Writes that they received his latest cable and wonders if the ones they sent have gotten through particularly one sent to his previous address. Catches up with family news and their activities. Comments on the weather and mentions working in garden.…

Describes view from their dining room window but says they have had little summer weather. Comments on his weather in Tunisia. Catches up with news of family/friends. Comments on postcard he sent where the woman pictured displaying more of her person…

Notes arrival of 4 letters and 5 postcards in a week. Comments on contents concerning his activities and whether he is becoming a cynic. Writes of happy hours spent in garden. Provides description of new house. Mentions double summer time and sunrise…

Acknowledges arrival of letter and postcard and notes that some letters have gone missing. Comments on some of the content of letters concerning censor and his allotment. Glad to get good news of his health and well being and understands the intense…

Pilots flying log book for J O Lancaster covering the period from 6 July 1937 to 15 September 1943. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Sywell, RAF Anstey, RAF Desford, RAF Sealand, RAF…

Writes of cables sent and received and still awaiting next letter. Mentions correspondence from others and passes on news contained. Comments on good weather, state of garden and how much they like living in new home. Mentions trying to find…

Has not written for three weeks as busy sorting out three houses before moving in to new one. Notes arrival of his cable on 22 May and wonders what would happen to all her letters sent to previous camp at Le Kef. Mentions that he has reported only a…

Describes activities including cleaning previous house and comments on the weather. Writes that the grocer brought her goods including bundles of firewood. Catches up with news of family/friends and gossip about activities. Worried that details of…

Had not received any mail since he last wrote and it was nine days since he sent his last cable. Mentions the weather had become cooler and that he described his first boxing match which he lost on points. Mentions that he had lost a little weight…

Catches up with letters sent and received and is pleased at how quickly some arrived. Notes that one letter was censored and was trying to work out what might have caused this but is at a loss. He writes that he always is careful with content as he…
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