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Left page. Top - Duisburg the main target, 8 bombers missing. Account of operation.
Bottom left - Airman to wed airman's widow. Alex Henshaw (test pilot) to wed widow of Count de Chateaubrun killed eight months after wedding in December 1937.…

County Borough of Southampton, Deanery Senior Boys School, Leaver's Record and Character form, Very good.

A certificate awarded to Dick Curnock on his First Communion.


Brown cloth cover marked reprinted in India July 1942. Contents: Chapter 1 - appreciations, orders and reports. Chapter 2 - Discipline. Chapter 3 - Signals. Chapte 4- air navigation. Chapter 5 - meteorological information. Chapter 6 - airmanship.…

Half length portrait of a man and a woman. Man on the left wears dark jacket and roll neck jumper. The woman on the right wears a coat and check scarf. On the reverse 'John and I, Dec 1937'.

Cover and front page with Rolls Royce advertisement and title page, signed by Donald Banks for Air Ministry December 1937.

Letter from David Boldy to his parents and his brother, with references to a train journey at Howrah Railway Terminus.

Letter from David Boldy to his father about about visiting auntie Maisy in Kensington over Christmas, reports of some of his friends getting into Sandhurst, but failing to get into Cranwell.

Letter from David Boldy to his father about about playing tennis in London in the cold of winter. He is considering King’s College as his next educational step.


Letter from David Boldy to his father about Charity Show held at the Winter Garden Theatre in London; the king and the queen were present. Will be visiting Aunt Maisie’s for Christmas.
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