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A report with Harry's end of term results.

Roy Chadwick wearing jacket and tie putting something in his mouth. In the background bushes. On the reverse '1925, to mouths'.

Three men wearing jacket and tie and three women wearing overcoats and hats, standing in front of a biplane. In the background hangars and other people. On the reverse 'Lympne 1925, Roy, Col: The Master of Sempill, Mrs Semphill, Mary, Mrs Hinkler, Mr…

Two certificates for Constables Charles Edwrad Godfrey and William Stanley Gatehouse both killed in the line of duty on 12 April 1924 and 17 July 1925 respectively.

Basil Ambrose as a young child standing wearing shorts and formal jacket. In the background trees. On the reverse ‘Basil Ambrose age 1 yr 9 months’.

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