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Notes that Pete Perry was baptised on 19 August 1923.


Album page, two photographs, first is a portrait of Joy as a baby on her mothers lap, sitting beside her father, captioned '1923 Susan Bill & Joy'. Second is of portrait of two men three woman and a child, captioned 'the Wenham Family 1902'.

A man with flying helmet and goggles looks out of the front cockpit of a biplane. A smiling woman wearing flying helmet and goggles looks out of the rear cockpit. Captioned 'Mary (Roy Chadwick's wife) on her first flight with Hinkler'. On the reverseā€¦

Side view of a large twin engine biplane with RAF markings parked on grass. Registration N171. On the reverse 'Avro Ava 1923'.

Writes from school that he is not homesick and of journey to school. Notes in PS that Donaldson Major is looking after him.

Front and rear of three one Rentenmark banknotes serials B52415467, D02660473 and B54165970 and front and rear of 2 Rentenmark note serial J07416142.
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