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Dates of main events of life of J F Nolan including birth, education, army service 1939-1941, then Air Ministry AID in various locations including Vickers Armstrong and A V Roe.

Two boys in white sitting in carriage on the right with pony to the left. Another boy in dark clothes stand behind the pony. Captioned 'photo shows all three brothers. Albert is standing behind the pony and Dad (EH Tansley) is on the far right with…


Side on technical drawing of a two seat single engine biplane . Captioned '2 seater. 35 hp \green, A V Roe & Co Ltd, scale 1 1/2" - 1 Foot 25-9-19, Type 543, Drawing No A.501'. On the reverse 'Roy Chadwick has initialled this blueprint'.

Head on view of a biplane twin engine bomber parked in a field with two men standing outboard of the port engine. In the background trees. On the reverse of photograph 1 - 'Sir Alliott and Roy Chadwick and soldier with ? The Manchester WW1 at Avro's…

Biplane registered E4360 in water just out from beach. One man by starboard wing and another behind. Several men and one woman walking on the beach in front. On the reverse 'On Douglas Sands Isle of Man, an Avro 504K floatplane of the Avro Transport…

Made out to S/Nurse A G Brooks of Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service, 14 days leave from 18 December 1918 to 12 January 1919.

A woman wearing dark skirt and light blouse and hat stands behind a flower tub. In the background the window of a house and trees. On the reverse 'This is aunt's place [..] 1919'.

The marriage certificate of John Staves (Malcolm Staves' father) and Sarah Jane Ely (Malcolm Staves' mother), May 13th 1919. The birth certificate of Sarah Jane Ely on 7th December 1893. An envelope addressed to M E Staves at Cottingham.
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