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Top - reconnaissance photograph of town on left with roads and open countryside on right.

Middle left - Air-to-air view of formation of four Lancasters in light paint scheme over open countryside. The tail plane of aircraft from which photo…

Top left - a dockyard taken from a ship with several ships visible. In the background are houses and hills. Top right - group of military men leaning over the side of a ship. On the dockside are buildings and a large yard. In the distance on a low…

Two aerial photographs.
The first is a target photograph taken at high level. Bombs are visible falling to centre left. A railway is seen running left to right in the bottom half, with marshalling yard in the centre. Below the railway is a river…

Photo 1 is a few buildings, the largest having a Town Hall sign on the front. The ground is snow covered.

Photo 2 is a small wooden building with a sign 'Four Star Theatre'. The ground is snow covered.

A collection of photographs in an album. From top left to bottom right:
1. Target photograph showing three bombs falling towards cloud and fields. There is no caption to identify the target.
2. Target photograph. The ground is mostly obscured by…

Photo 1 is a view of a village church framed by a bridge arch.

Photo 2 is a farmer wearing a cap holding a fox. Behind are cages.


Photo 1 is of a wooden railway station with tracks in front.

Photo 2 is of a telegraph pole with a street scene behind.

Five photographs from an album page. From top left to bottom right:
1. A target photograph showing open countryside. On the left is a line of bomb craters in fields. Roads are also visible here as is a railway line. On the right, the ground is…

A man on the left wearing suit arm in arm with a woman wearing wedding dress on the right. Behind then and arched doorway.

Photo 1 is of a three span bridge over a river.

Photo 2 is an airman leaning on a wooden railing outside a wooden building.

Photo 1 is a group of trainee airmen arranged in six rows outside a stone building. Photo 2 is a group of 13 airmen arranged in two rows. They are all wearing flying boots.

A group of 50 trainee airmen arranged in three rows. Behind is a large building with a cast iron and glass veranda. The windows have crosses of tape on them.


Two prints of same photograph of a man in light suit stands by railings to the right of the entrance to a church. On the right a tree. On the reverse of the second print 'Ron outside St Martin's Church'.

Left page: top left, a report of a gorse fire on Harpenden Common; centre, seagull in flight, annotated 'original photograph taken by Bob'.Top right, weather report; middle, attendees at a police dance, annotated 'Geoff Shaw was in the same squadron…

The six airmen are sitting on an old cannon amidst a snowy landscape. On the reverse 'Just qualified as Sergeant Observers. This is the only photo of me (at the back without a cap) with stripes & 1/2 wing as at the time I was unaware that I had been…

Several buildings, single and two storeys.

A large group of trainees arranged in four rows in front of a large building.

Four photographs of Naples area August 1945.
Open menu airmen's mess, 42 ANS Port Elizabeth. Captioned 'The only good meal we had in the mess'.


A man standing on rocks at a beach. He is wearing a cloth cap and jacket.

A Soviet Union Displaced Persons camp entrance. An entrance sign can be seen.

A group of airmen in military uniform outside a entrance to a building.

A train, with multiple carriages crossing open scrubland about to enter a cutting in the hillside. There are mountains in the distance.

A steam train with multiple carriages travelling along a hillside in a hilly landscape.

The two photographs on the left page show aerial views of the countryside.
The photograph on the right page shows an aerial view of Niagara Falls.

The photographs on the left of the left page and the two photographs on the right page show aerial views of urban settlements.
The photograph on the right of the left page shows an aerial view of the countryside.
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