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An00509’s second book, written when he was 79 years of age, a collection of short stories of his life and his service in the RAF. Trained as a navigator in Canada and writes describing events during and after the war.

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An00509's autobiography. Seventeen chapters and an epilogue. Chapters 1-4 deal with early life and schooling. Chapter 5-14 the war years and 15-17 after the war.

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A page from Stan's memoirs starting with the airship R101, Cobham's Flying Circus, Air Training Corps, glimpses of his service activities then ending with the 54 Maintenance Unit.

His story begins in June 1941 when the Air Minister broadcast that a new cadet force was to be set up. Stan joined immediately. Initially they marched then received training in relevant subjects - Maths, Physics, Theory of Flight, Navigation, Morse…
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