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R Stubbs writes from RAF Scampton to Reg Woolgar's father detailing the circumstances of his being reported as missing.

Telegram to Sergeant Reg Woolgar’s father informing that he was reported as missing.

R Stubbs writes from RAF Scampton to Mr Woolgar informing him that his son has been rescued and is at the Royal Naval Hospital in Portsmouth. He advises that he will be granted leave after he has returned to the squadron.

Writes that he had being trying to get hold of him by telephone and congratulates his on decoration.

Writes of recent visit from his brother. Mentions a little of recent flying. Catches up with news of correspondence. Hopes to get a posting to Scampton as he is tired of Syerston. Moans about pilots air force and mentions no more duties detailed.

Glad she enjoyed panto and explains aeroplane picture he sent. Mentions that Mr Jenkinson was pleased with the letter he received from her. Concludes by saying no chance to sail boat yet.

Informs he that her son Sgt P R Jenkinson was reported missing from operations on night 28 January 1945. Will inform her if any other information received.

Informs her that her husband failed to return from an operation over Germany on 30 May 1942. The correspondent would inform her if they had any further news.

Official document from RAF listing all Jacks postings throughout his service.

From a friend of John Turner expressing horror on news of John Turners was a casualty. Passes condolence from himself and from other acquaintances at RAF Scampton. Writes other eulogy comments about John Turner and Bill Borley. Hopes they might be…

He writes of his car purchase and his colleagues and of his course at RAF Wigsley.

He writes of the area around Lincoln and of finding a house.

He writes of their bank balance, his new car, domestic details and the timing of his future postings.

He writes about arrangements for his 48 hour pass, buying a car, domestic details and possible postings to RAF Wigsley, and the Lancaster Finishing School at RAF Syerston.

He writes of social activity on the station and domestic details.

He writes of his social activities, purchasing a car and the weather.

He writes of his social activities, describing his billet and domestic details.

He writes of his arrival in Lincoln for his posting to RAF Scampton for a three week course.
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