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He writes of being posted to RAF Dallachy, domestic details, social activities and of a colleague’s posting. He includes details of two jobs which he think that his wife might be interested in.

He considers the prospects of living together and starting a family. He writes of an aircraft landing in a field in Lancaster because of the weather, with some damage to the aircraft but no casualties. He also writes of his impending course at RAF…

He writes that he is taking command of A flight in place of a colleague who has been posted.

He writes of his duties and arranging leave.

Letter from Harold Gorton to his wife from RAF Dallachy. He writes of his course and his journey to from RAF Cark.

He writes of his course and colleagues past and present.

He writes of his social activities, domestic details and of his colleagues.

He writes of flying to RAF Banff, meeting ex-colleagues and the weather.
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