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Technical line drawing of parts of aircraft and detail of components.

Technical line drawing of part of aircraft and detailed parts.

Line drawing of Vulcan rear crew station with numbering.

Plan side and head on view line diagrams with boxes below for dimensions and area.


Line drawing from rear of aircraft with detail of bridle and steering arm.


Writes about leave and catches up with family matters and travel arrangements.

Side on technical drawing of a two seat single engine biplane . Captioned '2 seater. 35 hp \green, A V Roe & Co Ltd, scale 1 1/2" - 1 Foot 25-9-19, Type 543, Drawing No A.501'. On the reverse 'Roy Chadwick has initialled this blueprint'.

No letters from him since December 18th. Mentions letter from friend mentioning first snow in Tunisia for 40 years. Writes about current cold weather. Mentions listening to radio and catches up with news, gossip and activities.

A drawing with an aerofoil, a fuselage and an elevator section. The aerofoil has 'USA 35b'

Part of a scale drawing of a model aircraft, 'Bambi'. There is some text with basic measurements.

Describes birthday presents waiting for him for this year's birthday. mentions family member's visit, describes activities and writes of news that Swedish friend of his fathers visited camp and reported him well. Describes anxiously waiting for his…

Thanks him for ringing as it makes her happy and cheerful knowing he is safe. Asked his views on Churchill's speech but did not like his view on using gas on Germany. Writes of how much baby Frances dislike her gas mask and that she will try and get…

Writes of sorting out family financial and tax issues for her mother. Mentions bomb damage to Westminster Abbey and arrival of his letters. Says she is sending parcels to Jurby.

From Bob Grimwade thanks him for letter and sorry for news it contained. Doubly tough as Hedley had nearly completed his tour. Good chance he bailed out.

Annotated photograph with numbered parts showing instrument panel and lower portion of cockpit.

Cut away diagram with numbered parts. Shown with breech block in rear position.

Catches up with family matters and news.

Writes about scarf, laundry and bicycle clips. Catches up with family and acquaintance news.

Writes that he has received correspondence from home and from pen friends. States he cannot write to the latter as he is only allowed two letters a month. Explains that he cannot say a great deal in letters and that politics are taboo. Explains about…

Letter from Wing Commander Lockhart informs her that her husband Squadron Leader C H Wilson was missing from air operation to Nuremberg on 30/31 March 1944. Crew had wide operational experience and hope that are safe but it will take a few weeks to…

Blank leave pass with 'HQ [...] Command' stamp,

Twin-engine aircraft fuel system diagram indicating tanks, non return valves and pilot's on-off cocks.


Diagram showing dead reckoning navigation with triangle of ground, air and wind speed and directions.

An uncompleted test report with a graph of altitude versus brake horse power.
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