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Large group of trainees, arranged in three rows in front of a hangar.
On the reverse most of the individuals have signed their names.
Information supplied with the collection identifies it as RAF Finningley in 1941, Aircrew receiving centre group.

Photo 1 is a head and shoulders portrait of Reg Whellams in flying uniform, annotated 'Reg Whellems at 25 OTU Finningley'.
Photo 2 is a full length portrait of the same man, annotated '(9, Forster Rd Walthamstow)'.
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Four aircraft from RAF Finningley - a SeaKing, Jet Provost, Dominie and Jetstream. In the centre is a station crest.

A postcard of four aircraft, a Wessex, Dominie, Chipmunk and Bulldog. In the centre is the crest of RAF Finningley.

Photograph 1 is of two Wessex helicopters in a hangar, captioned 'Helicopter hangar at Finningley'.
Photograph 2 is of Syd Marshall leaning on a Jet Ranger helicopter captioned '"Express" helicopter at Springfields'.
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