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Full length image of three airmen wearing tunics and side caps standing in a line in a field with trees in the background. On the reverse 'Bob Cooke, Paul Temple, Bill Charasse [...] 1942'.

Air to air view of a Halifax Mk 3 towing a Horsa over a built up area set in a rural landscape. Captioned '6002. AC19 Earls Colne 24 Mar.45// K20. 6 1/2'. This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form: no better quality…

Oblique aerial photograph of Rockall islet, with rock centre of photograph. Captioned: '6012. AC26. Earls Colne 10 Apr’45//K20 6 1/2'.

The description of this item is partially based on information provided by the donor. This item was sent to…

Oblique aerial photograph of a large, low headland jutting out into sea. Beaches, dunes, fields and field boundaries can be seen with some buildings. Area behind beaches is covered in bomb craters. Captioned '6002 AC18 Earls Colne. 24 Mar 1945//K20 6…
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