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Penswick, J - Notes-02.pdf
A compilation of photographs of Jack comprising 25 images in this collection.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

The Sergeants Mess laid out for a party. On the table are crests for 50 and 61 Squadrons. On the reverse 'April 20th 1945 Sgts Mess Skellingthorpe'.

The letter advises Chris' wife that her husband is missing.

Two photographs of three airmen standing in front of a building. On the door is a sign with 'W/Cdr Doubleday, DSO DFC O/C 61 Sqdn'.
On the reverse -
'10May ?
F/O Mills, D'Day, F/Lt Nugent
Dad painted the board at the back of photo. I remember him…

Transcript of the Diary of Sgt. Bernard Clark RAFVR 30 November – 20 December 1943 with notes by M Warburton. Includes head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing greatcoat and side cap. Includes crew list of his aircraft. Entries contain…

Ken Johnson's crew. Captioned ‘LL91 QR-X “Xray” with Harry Watkins crew L-R Doug. Hockin (N) Fred Jowitt (E) Johnny Ware (W/O) Ted Ray (B/A) Front- Harry Watkins (P) Ken Johnson (MUG) Hugh Green (RG)’

Five airmen standing at the rear of Lancaster QR-J. The crew from left to right is Bill Jackman, mid upper gunner; Des Murray, navigator; David Scholes, pilot; Ron Myall, bomb aimer, and Geoff Allen, rear gunner (RAAF).

This item was sent to the…

Photograph of a plate with many signatures. Arthur Hollis' is towards the top right. Dedication 'To Jack Lascelles DFC, with grateful thanks of the members of Nos 50 and 61 Squadron Reunion Association, October 1967'. On the reverse stamp for John…

100 plus aircrew in five rows in front of a hangar. Titled '61 Squadron (Bomber) at RAF Station Waddington Feb 1946'.

Six Lancasters dispersed around airfield on concrete pans. The Lancaster in the foreground is facing camera and has a large number of bomb symbols on the nose. Trees on the left as well as in the far distance. One Lancaster has the squadron code QR.

A large group of airmen in a variety of dress in front of a corrugated iron building with a number of windows. On the reverse 'Skelly 43, 50-61 Sqns armourers + bom [sic] dump'.

Target photograph of Farge. Partly rural and wooded with both banks of the Weser, roads settlements and field patterns visible. Captioned ‘3’, ‘4908 SKELL. 27.3.45/8” 16800 055’ 1302 FARGE.P. 14MC1000(Minol)ID. C.33secs. S/L…

Target photograph of Givors. Rural area with field patterns, a dense wood and sparse settlements. Captioned ‘8°F’, '6B 1963. SKELL.11/12.8.44//NT.8” 8000’ [arrow] 048° 0104. GIVORS RD.F. 8x1000. 3x500. 23secs. F/L PARKER F. 61. On…

Target photograph of Ladbergen. Mainly rural area with fields covered in snow and the Dortmund-Ems Canal visible. Captioned ‘5’ 4121 SKELL. 1.1.45//8” 11750 ‘040°’ 1119 LADBERGEN. C 14MC1000DT, LD. C28secs. F/L.GREENFIELD.C.61. On the…

Target photograph of Bois-de- Cassan. Rural area, roads, woods, field patterns and houses clearly visible. Captioned '3°F', '4B', '1614 SKELL. 2.8.44 // 8" 16000' [arrow] 085° 1719 BOIS-DE-CASSAN RD.M.11X1000.4X500.C33secs.F/O. WHITE. M.61'. On the…

Target photograph of Farge. Partly rural and wooded but with industrial structures including oil storage tanks. Roads and field patterns visible. Captioned '3[degree]s F', '4B', '4912 Skell.27.3.45//8" 16200 050° 1303 FARGE.R. 14MC1000(Minol)LD.…

Target photograph of Flushing. Port area, breakwater, docks, quays, bomb explosions and disturbed water visible. Captioned '8°F', '5B', '3205 SKELL.11.10.44.// 8" 5000' [arrow] 272° 1458 FLUSHING 96RD.C.11X1000.4X500.C23secs.F/O ABBOTT.C.61.'. On…

Target photograph of Politz. Partially obscured by ball of light and haze, no clear detail visible. Captioned '5[degreesF', '5B', '4385 SKELL.8/9.2.45//NT(C).8" 10750 065° 2121 POLITZ.A. 1HC4000IN. 14MC500DT. 21secs. F/O MOURITZ.A.61.'. On the…

Target photograph of Royan. Almost completely obscured by light streaks and a ball of light. no clear detail visible. Captioned '8°F', '6CLB', '4179 SKELL.4/5.1.44//NT(C).8" 8000 213° 0402 ROYAN.L. 1HC4000(M) IN,5GP500DT,11MC500DT, 23secs. S/L.…

Target photograph of Wilhelmshaven. Completely obscured by cloud, smoke, dust and bomb explosions. Captioned '3°F', '6B', '3079 SKELL.5.10.44.//8" 18000' [arrow] 270° 1109 WILHELMSHAVEN RD.B.10X1000.4'J'X500.C34secs.F/O MOURITZ.B.61'. On the…

Target photograph of Wurzburg. Urban area, some light streaks, no clear detail visible. Captioned '8°F', '6B', '4705 SKELL.16/17.3.45//NT/(C).7". 9500 014° 2133 WURZBURG.E. 1HC4000IN,18X4. 19secs. F/O.SWALES.E.61.' On the reverse ' F/O. SWALES.…

Target photograph of Rollencourt. Red dot centre right. Partially obscured by cloud, visible area rural, field patterns and bomb explosions visible. Captioned '5°F', 5B', '2439 SKELL.31.8.44// 8" 14000' [arrow] 172° 1812 ROLLENCOURT…

Target photograph of the Heimbach Dam. Partially obscured by cloud smoke and dust. No detail clearly visible. Captioned '8°F', '5B', '3931 SKELL.11.12.44.// 8" 9000' 125° 1437 DAM-HEIMBACH.T. 14 MC 1000 DT. C 25secs. F/L BARTLETT.T.61'. On the…

Target photograph of Shiping off Moss. Coastal area, bay or estuary, small area showing quays and docks, larger area showing coast line, but mainly water. Bomb explosions in water. Captioned '8°F', '7B', '4064 SKELL.28/29.12.44//NT(C)8" 8000' 340°…

Target photograph of Molbis. Mainly obscured by light streaks, balls of light and bomb explosions. Visible area mainly rural, no detail clearly visible. Captioned '6V', '5B', '5069. SKELL.7/8.4.45//NT(C)7" 16200' 080° 2302 MOLBIS.D.…
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