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Ten men in sportswear in a field with trees behind. Five men are sat in a row with five stood behind. The central figure in the front row is holding a football. Nine of the men are wearing matching team kit and the central figure in the back row is…

A Halifax nose with 12 airmen perched on top. Each man is identified by name, trade, air force and home town.
The nose art is a cartoon of a woman, painted 'Tak Yer Time I'm Easy'. 56 bombs are painted on. Under the cockpit is 'Beryle'.
There is a…

Five airmen at the rear of a Lancaster, DS830, 'OW-S', It is annotated 'PL28585'.

Seven airmen dressed in flying kit with an eighth airman, a pilot. They are standing in a row in front of a Lancaster.
Fourth left is Wing Commander Bill Swetman.

Three airmen on top of a Lancaster examining the mid-upper gun turret. The turret has been damaged as has the side of the aircraft, DS686 'OW-D'.

A rear/starboard view of a Lancaster on a snowy taxiway, with its engines running. It is annotated 'Halifax at Linton 426/Sqd'.

A port side view of a Halifax, 'OW-M' on dispersal. In front is a Nissen hut and a tractor is in the distance. The image is annotated 'PL43473' and 'UK20572'.

Side view of Lancaster Mk 2 DS689 on ground facing left. Cartoon nose art with five bomb symbols underneath. Aircraft letter S. Man visible in cockpit and legs of a man standing far side by ladder are visible.
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