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Two photographs showing damage to the rear fuselage of Blenheim WV-G V6525. First shows right side, small holes in the skin except a large hole in the roundel. The reverse has RAF Horsham St Faith photographers stamp, captioned '425G Damaged…

Jack with a Group Captain doing the presentation, office background. The reverse captioned 'Award of Bar to L.S.G.C. medal'. Station photographic section date stamp is 31 Oct 1974.

Jack standing in front of reproduction Wessex, squadron buildings in background. Reverse captioned '18 Sqn leaving RAF Gutersloh 1977 Helicopter specially made'.

Jack on access steps to reproduction Wessex helicopter, aircrew pilot in flying suit standing next to him, drinks glasses raised. The reverse captioned 'Farewell to Gutersloh & thank you for the wonderful helicopter, handmade in the hangar of 18…
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