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Three-quarter length image of an airman wearing unbuttoned uniform tunic with half brevet standing on wooden steps. Submitted with caption 'Wt. Off. Jim Latimer 102 Sqn 28-Sept-2019'.
This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital…

Top - ground level photograph showing anti-aircraft tracer and searchlights with buildings silhouetted at the bottom. Submitted with description 'Night-time photograph of what appears to be searchlight and anti-aircraft artillery activity. Date and…

Rear quarter view of a Whitley parked on grass with a large group of people appearing under starboard wing. Three aircraft in vic formation airborne above. Captioned 'Whitley 102 Squadron'. Submitted with description '102 Sqn Whitley R-DY on an…

Approximately 400 personnel sitting and standing in four rows in front of a hangar. All are wearing tunics and side or peaked caps. Captioned '102 Squadron Ground Staff 1941'.

Back row, five men stranding two groundcrew wearing battledress at either end an three aircrew wearing parachutes in between. In front three aircrew wearing parachutes squat between two other airmen wearing battledress. In the background part of a…

Seven aircrew wearing a variety of flying kit, including three with parachutes, stand in a row. Squatting in front are four airmen. On the reverse 'Pocklington 1943 DY-E (Easy), L-R, Back row: Canadian air gunner (midupper), Front row: X, Sgt…

Two versions of the same photograph. Eleven personnel, a mix of air and ground crew sitting on top of a Halifax. One in front of cockpit and one standing in cockpit with peaked hat. Others strung along the top of aircraft and inner port wing. On the…

Front quarter view of a Halifax with engines running. A man is pulling away the chock from the starboard main undercarriage. On the reverse 'Pocklington 1943. DY-E, Stan Jeffrey removing chocks pre take-off'

Two photographs, first of 39 aircrew posed in two rows in front of a Halifax, second of 19 aircrew posed in two rows in front of wooden building. Information from donor '102 Squadron bomb aimers, Pocklington 1945'.

Badge mounted on wooden shield.

Urban area, smoke and dust in centre of picture. Captioned '6195 PCK 25-3-45//8" 16200' 020T 10.01 OSNABRUCK. Q. 1HC2000IN 11X15CP. C 27secs F/O McVICAR X/102

Coastline, bomb explosions and dust visible on land, only caption visible is E 102. From donor information 'After bombing run Heligoland'.

Most of target obscured by smoke and dust. Captioned '6014 PCK 2-3-45// 7" 20000' 095t 1009 COLOGNE Z 8MC500DT 8GP250IT C 33 Secs F/O McVICAR A/102

Target completely obscured by markers/cloud. Captioned '5977 PCK 21/22-2-45 //NT(C)8" 18000' 049T 20.42 WORMS R 1HC2000DN 6CP14 2CP15 26 secs F/O McVICAR K/102'.

Two photographs, first of a crew posed close to the H2S fairing on the left side DY E are the a/c letters, second is of Halifax just about to taxi, airman removing wheel chock. Information from donor 'Halifax DY-E about to taxi for bombing run'.

Target completely obscured by smoke/dust/cloud. Captioned '6028 PCK 3/4-3-45//NT(C)7" 20000 063T 2303 KAMEN Z 8M0500DT 8GT250IT 33Secs F/O McVICAR A/102'

Information from donor, four photographs air to air of Halifax, all of 102 Squadron Halifax F-DY taken from C, F/O Wright. First is near Rhine, second is over France, third over Germany and fourth over Dusseldorf.

Air-to air view of a Halifax flying towards the camera over the sea.
From information supplied by donor '102 Sqdn Halifax F over North Sea'.

A target aerial photograph of Nürnberg-Langwasser, adjacent to Moorenbrunn, Nuremberg. Bomb craters are visible throughout.

Captioned 'PCK. 11-4-45//7" 16000' NURNBURG. M. 10ANM64IN 6MO500DT. F/O McVICAR. E/102.'

A target aerial photograph of Osnabruck with numerous bomb craters visible.
Captioned '6195 PCK. 25-3.45//8" 16200' OSNABRUCK. Q. 1HC2000IN 11X15CP. F/O McVICAR. X/102

Two photographs, first is of five of Ronald's crew on a Halifax wing, second all the crew, posed in two rows outside a wooden building

Eleven men wearing a mixture of battledress jackets, shorts and football tops with a cup. Information from donor 'Squadron aircrew football team March 1945'.

Target partially obscured by cloud and dust. Captioned '6172 PCK 24-3-45 //8" 16300 100T 13 181/2 STERKRADE Q [?] C 31secs F/O McVICAR. X 102'.

Seven aircrew standing in front of right inner engine of Halifax. From information supplied by donor 'No 102 Sqdn crew'.

5 crew members dressed in sheepskin flying jackets and flying boots standing in front of damaged starboard wing of a Whitley.

On the reverse:
'After Cologne 1 March 1941 DY-R 102 Sqdn RAF Topcliffe'

'All Sgts
L to R
Rear Gunner 1. Nick…
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