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Terry holding a paddle beside a canoe. On the reverse' Terry'.
In a second photo Terry is in the canoe.

A sergeant pilot standing in uniform in front of buildings. On the reverse 'Not sure possibly Pete?'.

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A side view of a Beech AT-10 Wichita. On the reverse 'Ready for Take off AT10'.

A boy trying to sell papers to four airmen on a pavement. On the reverse 'We didn't but it after all'.

A large two storey building identified on the reverse as billets at Darr.

Five photographs of Harvards in flight.
#1 is nine Harvards in formation.
#2 is a single Harvard, N588, in close formation.
#3 is six Harvards in close formation.
#4 is two Harvards in formation. On the reverse 'Peeling off'.
#5 is four Harvards…

A side view of a distant B24 at Cochran field, as annotated on the reverse.


Three Stearman trainers lined up at Darr, as annotated on the reverse.

Seven men in shorts posing as a group. On the reverse 'Fixed at last'.

A building with 'Albany' in neon lights. On the reverse 'Albany Cinema'.
A second photograph is taken in darker lighting and has 'Albany Cinema by night'.

Two men in swimming shorts by a pool. On the reverse 'Pete & I at Darr Swimming Pool. Nellie See what difference the filters make to the clouds'.

Maurice standing by a car in an Albany street. On the reverse 'What a car, Albany'.

Maurice standing outside a house. On the reverse 'Maurice at the house with Dorris'.
The house has been identified as 214 East King Street, Quincy, Florida 32351.

A side view of an AT-10 Wichita, M0714. On the reverse 'Warming up'.

Maurice standing in uniform in the garden of 306 East King street Quincy, Florida. Part of a second man is visible on his left. On the reverse 'Maurice. Photo possibly taken by Dorris since she has tried to cut Pete out of the frame'.

A large house in a semi-tropical garden. 318 East King Street, Quincy, Florida. On the reverse 'Maurice spent some time at this house since there are many photo's [sic] of Dorris and Maurice. There is a large photo in his personal album of possibly…

Four airmen standing in uniform. On the reverse 'From L ? Terry ?. ?. Maurice'.


A large bed with, on the reverse 'Mrs Lester's visitor bedroom'.

Dorris standing by the steps of a house. On the reverse ' This is Dorris and her surname may well have been Lester. A Dorris sent a telegram to Maurice congratulating him on his being awarded the DFC and she also sent him a Swan fountain pen.' The…

An airman and a policeman standing on a street corner in Albany, as identified on the reverse.

A view across a street in Albany.

Pedestrians passing the sign for London, Albany. Behind are railway wagons. On the reverse 'London Avenue Albany not sure there are still train sidings there now'.

Maurice and Pete seated in a barbers with two assistants posing for their photographs. On the reverse 'Haircut time for Pete and Maurice in Albany'.

Unidentified airman seated at a desk. On the reverse 'Study time unknown person?'.
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