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Pilot's notes for Lancaster II four Hercules VI or XVI engines.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

Made out for John A Dent containing addresses.

Table of flying times for flight engineer on Stirling, Lancaster and Lincoln. Totals hours 602:25. Column of figures on second page.

Spoof last will and testament of Adolf Hitler

Jon Dent's crew list includes F/O K A Smith pilot, F/O Ron Winters navigator, F/O Dave Long (NZ) bomb aimer, W/O Joe Pugh wireless operator, Sgt Dell mid-upper gunner, Sgt Taffy Jones rear gunner, self flight engineer.

Covers Merlin engines, airframes, hydraulics, instruments and electrics. Detailed handwritten notes and diagrams of Lancaster aircraft systems, some b/w photographs and printed pages cut out, wiring circuit diagrams, emergency equipment,…

Four pages from wireless operators log book. January, February, March and April 1946. Aircraft Lancaster. Includes local flying and trip to Italy and France.

Flying log book for J Dent, flight engineer, covering the period from 25 August 1944 to 8 May 1947. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and post war duties with 44 Squadron, air ministry film unit and 148 Squadron. He was stationed at RAF…
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