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  • Collection: Chadwick, Roy. Pre 1920

Front view of an open topped car registration CR2403. A man is sitting in the driving seat wearing flat cap and coat. In the background a wooden fence. Captioned 'Roy Chadwick in the "Swift", his car, bought in 1918 when he was 25 years old'.

Rows of large long factory buildings from left to right surrounded by brick wall. There are a number of vehicles in front of the building on the left. On the reverse 'Brit Westinghouse Electrical Manuf Co 1901, by courtesy of Peer Park […..], Vital…

Front quarter view of triplane with man by propeller and others behind the wing. A man and woman look on from behind the starboard wing. In the background brick railway arches. Captioned 'A. V. Roe's Triplane under the railway arches at Lea Marshes…

Three twin engine biplane aircraft in line on grass airfield with several men round each. In the background trees, On the reverse 'Avro Pikes at Hamble April 1917, designed by Roy Chadwick in 1915 at 22 years of age!'.
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