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Pilots flying log book, three, for Thomas Other Prickett, covering the period from 21 June 1944 to 2 November 1966. Detailing his flying training, instructor duties, staff duties with the RAF Delegation to the USA, Empire Central Flying School,…

Christopher ‘Kit’ McVickers was working at the steelworks before he volunteered for aircrew. He trained as a wireless operator and was posted to 218 Squadron based at Woolfox Lodge. His pilot refused to fly and was replaced with a new pilot. The…

Peter Swallow was born in Sheffield in 1929, one of three children. He recalls hearing Mr Chamberlain’s declaration of war broadcast as a schoolchild. His father, a plumber, volunteered as a member of the Local Defence Volunteers, eventually…

Rear quarter view taken over the top of engine of another aircraft of a silver Lancaster parked on dispersal with trees in the background. Captioned 'Photo by courtesy of P Day. Lancasters for Peace. Painted silver and without armament these aircraft…


A history of the Avro repair organisation at RAF Langar and a record of the aircraft that passed through it between 1942 and 1968.

Left page title 'Shebbear, May 52'

Top left - Joy Dawson wearing glasses and jacket standing with another woman in a garden. Top right - Christine Dawson standing feeding chickens. In the background a man wearing boots and flat cap, a shed and…

Left page title 'Holiday Den Haag - 1952'.

Top left - Joy Dawson and Christine Dawson in bed in a room with window in the background. Captioned 'The bed'. On the reverse 'J and C on twin beds of Willy's flat. Bed on right folds and slides under…

Left page title 'Venice of the north, Amsterdam'.

Top left and middle - similar images of Joy and Stephen Dawson sitting on bench seats inside a canal viewing boat. Christine Dawson is standing on seat to the left and other people occupy seats…

Left page title 'Alkmaar Cheese Market'.

Top left - men carrying large cheese sledges out of a building with flag over doorway. On the reverse 'Weighing a sale'. Top right a man dressed in white with broad brimmed hat at the front of a large…

Left page.

Top left - Stephen Dawson on left facing three women in traditional dress. To the right a single story building and behind another woman. Captioned 'Villagers of Marken with "Commercial Traveller"!!'. On the reverse 'Three women and…

Top left - Christine Dawson wearing dress sitting on grass in garden holding two teddy bears. Top right Christine Dawson behind a toy pram containing wt teddy bears. Captioned for both 'Teddy and Fuzzy Wuzzy, Aug 52'.

Middle left - Christine…

Left page.

Top left Christine Dawson and a baby lying on rugs in a garden. Captioned 'Christopher Martin lane, Aug 52'. Top right - Christine Dawson and another girl pushing toys in a garden with a man in the background.

Middle - two images of…

Membership book with three annual subscription receipts for 1951/52/53 attached for Frinton and Walton branch.

Histories of twelve Tiger Moth aircraft flown by Denis Clyde Smith while undergoing ab-initio training at Sywell.

Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Log Book
The Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Log Book covering the period 15 June 1941 to the 16 August 1963. Manning qualified first as an Air Gunner on the 4 July 1941 and second as a flight engineer on the 1 September 1941. He was commissioned on the 4…

Colourised photograph from Allan Coller’s wedding, dated 1952. The photograph shows Allan Coller in a top hat and formal wear standing next to a woman in a bride’s dress, surrounded by three children, two male, one female.

Formal course photograph, 15 servicemen posed in front of building, captioned 'Weapons Instructors Course for Q.B.I's Leconfield 1953' Formal course photograph of seven servicemen posed in front of wooden door, captioned 'Photography (Aircraft…

Photograph showing seven students and an instructor standing by an aircraft camera, on the blackboard F24 Camera, captioned 'Back to school Jul - Aug '52'. Four servicemen wearing parachute harnesses, standing by an Anson tailplane looking at a…

Flying log book for R O J Searle, Flight Engineer, covering the period from 25 June 1944 to13 July 1945 and from 17 August 1951 to 14 September 1964.
Detailing his training as a flight engineer and a full tour of operations flown with Bomber…

Photo 1 and 2 are St Peter's School.
Photo 3 is Bootham Bar.
Photo 4 is Goodram Gate.
Photo 5 is the Shambles.
Photo 6 and 7 are the Merchant Venturer's Hall.
Photo 8 is York Minster.
Photo 9 is the inside of Clifford's Tower.
Photo 10 is the…

Photo 1 is Edinburgh Castle viewed from Princess Street gardens.
Photo 2 is a postcard of Princess Street looking west with the Scott monument.
Photo 3 is a postcard of Edinburgh Castle and the Ross fountain in the gardens.
Photo 4 is a postcard…


Photo 1 is a view of the outside.
Photos 2 and 3 are postcards of the Palace with Arthur's Seat in the background.
Photo 4 is Queen Mary's bedroom.

Photo 1 and 3 are postcards of the outside.
Photo 2 and 4 are views of the tower.
Photo 5 is a postcard of the cloisters.
Photo 6 is the cloisters.
Photo 7 is a postcard of the West Gateway.

Photo 1 is a postcard of Carlisle Cathedral.
Photo 2 is a postcard of the entrance to Carlisle citadel from the south.
Photo 3 is a postcard of the Town Hall and Scotch Street.
Photo 4 is a postcard looking north down English Street.
Photo 5 is a…


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