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Group of airmen in fancy dress undressing the referee. On the reverse 'Spike Hughes, the Ref. is publicly stripped off. Christmas Day. Aden. 1946'.

Two airmen on the back of a camel being held by a third man. A football is set between two aircraft chocks. On the sidelines are a large number of spectators. On the reverse 'The captain of the Officers team arrives for the kick-off. Christmas Day…

Two photographs of airmen in fancy dress.
In the first photograph the men are sitting in a goal, some drinking beer. On the reverse 'Re-freshment time in the Sergeant's goal'.
In the second photograph the same men are in the goal. One is holding up…

Top left - two airmen wearing battledress and side caps standing with grounded rifles with one leaning on wall. In the background Nissen huts. Captioned 'Ready for guard'. Top centre - large group of men lined up with donkeys. Nissen hut in the…

The No 2 Sergeant's Mess R.A.F. Base, Seletar Christmas Dinner 1946 menu. There is a list of personnel attending. Captioned 'Remember 'Toy Duck' that' quacked! * flapped its wings!, when it was pulled along behind S/Ldr "T.E." Jones through mess,…


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