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Contains personal details as well as record of postings, promotions, special qualifications and discharge.

In accordance with the conditions stipulated by the donor, this item is available only at the University of Lincoln.

Contains personal details, release authorization on 17 July 1947 remobilisation instructions, clearance certificate, certificate of service, travel warrant and various claim forms for flight for Sergeant Langford Green.

In accordance with the…

Three of George Bubb's documents and a note:

1) RAF 295A leave document. Front page personal detail. Centre two pages have various leave periods between February and August 1945. Rear page allows absence from 17:30 to 23:59 on daily basis for…

Information on all Royal Air Commands, Commonwealth and Allied air forces, the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. Lists and images or aircraft. List of principal engines, technical terms and aircraft instruments. Ranks of services and badges of the Royal…

Corporal Leslie Clodd enrolled on 16 November 45 at RAF Mepal and that he had undertaken a course 'Motor Engineering at Robinson's garage, Cambridge'. Contains a record of monthly progress reports.

Halifax aircraft in numerous rows on a grassy field.

Clothing ration book 1945-46 Junior CB 4/8 made out to Haire E A with coupons inside.

Clothing ration book 1945-46 Junior CB 4/8 made out to Haire E E with coupons inside.

Head and shoulders portrait, Elizabeth Jones is dressed in Army Territorial Service uniform. On the reverse '1946 Hamburg Private Jones EJ. w/333315', '-64 B.A.O.R.'

Warrant Officer Colin Cole in khaki uniform standing in the sun in front of a building. He is holding his right arm with his left arm, behind his back. captioned 'W/O Colin Cole India 1946'.

Group of 12 airmen and one civilian, arranged in two rows, three kneeling at the front, eight standing behind. On the wall are squadron crests. Captioned on the reverse 'Binbrook 46 4/14 Colin Cole'.

The log book covers the training and operational career of bomb aimer Peter Bellingham from 10 March 1943 to 21 February 1946. After training in South Africa he flew Halifaxes and Stirlings with 138 Squadron, taking part in 30 night operations over…

Warrant Officer Colin Cole's release from service form. (22 December 1942 to 11 December 1946)

Colin Cole's National Registration Identity Card

In front a leading aircraftsman on the left beside a man in civilian suit both crouching and holding glasses of beer. Behind them two flight sergeant aircrew in tunics standing holding glasses of beer. In the background a building, door, windows, a…

A handwritten list of dates covering the period 1 September 1945 to 23 January 1948. They refer to where the writer, wife and son spent his last years in the Royal Air Force.

Photograph 1 is an inflight port side view of a Mosquito. It is flying over many small boats at the edge of the city. Captioned '84 sqdn (Mosquitoe) P.R.U. Seletar Singapore 1946.
Photograph 2 is an oblique aerial photograph of the centre of…

Photograph 1 is of swamp and jungle. Captioned 'Mango swamp (taken from rear balcony)
Photograph 2 is a battleship, captioned 'H.M.S. Norfolk leaves Singapore 1946'.
Photograph 3 is the entrance to No 2 mess Seletar, captioned 'Entarnce to No 2…


Photograph 1 is of a scrap heap of aircraft and equipment. Captioned 'Scrap heap of Jap' a/c & equipment (Zero fighter) 1946'.
Photograph 2 is of a side view of a Mitsubishi Ki67 type A with 2 C-47s in the background. Captioned 'Mitsubishi Ki 67…

Photograph 1 is of the outside of married quarters. Captioned 'No 96 The Crescent, Seletar. Married quarters 1946'.
Photographs 2,3 and 4 are of the inside of a room with table and rattan furniture. Captioned 'Rattan furniture purchased in…

A Sakae 12 radial engine sitting in a scrap heap. Captioned 'New Zero engine'.

Side view of a Japanese C-47 variant. Captioned 'Replica of USA 'Dakota' made by Japs, inc Jap language marked instruments etc.'.


Side view of a Mitsubishi Ki 67 type A with 2 C-47s in the background.

Basil Ambrose was born in Reading. He left school at fourteen and became an apprentice turner. He joined the Royal Air Force in May 1942 and trained as a turner before transferring to aircrew as a flight engineer. He trained at RAF St Athan, and…
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