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Letter to Mrs K M Hobbs informing her that a war gratuity of £32 16 s is payable in respect of service of Flight Sergeant F J Hobbs.

In the centre two waterways separated by a spur of land covered with dockyard buildings and cranes. On the nearside of the spur is a camouflaged ship with two funnels. One the right of the waterways more dockyard buildings. In the foreground open…

Top - extract from London Gazette on approval of award of DFM to Sgt P R Jenkinson with citation for 27 successful sorties, skilful, disregard for own safety, cheerful courage and fine offensive spirit..
Bottom - Extract from the narrative "I flew…

Forwards citation from London Gazette on the award of a Distinguished Flying Medal to his son Peter. Would be presented to his legal next of kin by the King.

Top - newspaper cutting noting that Warrant Officer L P Jenkinson received DFM awarded to his brother Peter.
Middle - photograph with full length image of two men either side of two women. Man on the right is wearing uniform tunic with brevet and…
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