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Three quarter length portrait of Flight Sergeant James Flowers sitting in tunic with a young girl wearing a dress sitting on his lap. She is holding a doll. On the reverse 'RAF Gatow, Oct/Nov 45, H J Flowers i/c Wing/Co's daughter'.


A letter from Dorothy Bond to Donald Cochrane's parents passing on congratulations for his deeds. There is also a reply from his parents to Dorothy.

A letter written by Reg Mullins to Don Cochrane. There is a discussion on wartime colleagues and getting married. Reg is a co-pilot on Lancastrians but misses his time in the RAF.

Lists articles of clothing and equipment returned on discharge, deficiencies of kit form and follow up signatures and charging details.

A letter to Malcolm Staves from his grandparents. News from the farm and family matters.

A pass issued to Ted Neale authorising him to travel from CMF to UK.


Details pay and allowances for October and November 1945 from RAF base accountant officer Bombay

Large group of airmen arranged on and around Lancaster PB529.

Lillian Grundy was born grew up in Ancoats, Manchester. Upon leaving school, she worked in a local mill winding bobbins, and the Hall Brothers Toffee Works wrapping sweets. Grundy met George in 1939 and they were engaged in Easter 1940, however, he…

John's membership cards for October and November 1945

Photo 1 and 2 are the Flight Engineers seated at a long table set for dinner.
Photo 3 is the Flight Engineers, including Arthur Thomas, standing by a table, drinking. It is captioned with the individuals named.

From information provided by the donor. Photographs taken on Lancaster flights to Italy as part of Operation Dodge to repatriate Allied service personnel. One is of a ruined bakery, the other two were taken at Pompeii.

Both sides of a Japanese One Rupee banknote, 'BD'. On the front is handwritten '[indecipherable] RAF Singapore November 1945'

Both sides of a $1 bill, 'MO'. On the front is handwritten 'RAF Singapore Nov 45'.

Both sides of a Japanese $10 bill, 'MP'. On the front is handwritten '[indecipherable] RAF Singapore November 1945'.

Tee Emm magazine Vol 5 No 8, November 1945.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.


He thanks her for her two letters. Their friend, Basil, has got married and he is worried that Jean will rule him strictly. He asks about washing and explains they have 250 airmen to process.

He is writing the letter when his boss is away. He discusses clothing and closing down the airfield.

He thanks her for her two letters and parcel. He makes flippant comments about the length of her letters. His model Lancaster is progressing. He is expecting to be released from service and promises to get to work on their flat when he gets home.

He reports that he travelled back safely but an hour late. He cycled from York to his base. He has very little work.

He asks his wife to thank her mother for the laundry parcel. He took airmen to Snaith for onward transport. He went into York for shopping, tea and a film.

Front cover of a document, showing the squadron number, base, dates and badges.

A biography of David from his birth in Bangor, Northern Ireland. He died at the age of 21. A tribute was printed in The Spectator.

Bill sitting on a wall, smoking his pipe.
On the reverse 'Transville Roof (Bari - Italy) Adriatic Sea - Background Nov '45'.


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