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From RAF records office noting that it was planned that Bill Eyles attend investiture at Buckingham palace for award of Distinguished Flying Medal on 4 December 1945. Asks that he be supplied with railway warrant and details when the actual…

Contains personal details,, reporting officers opinion and grades. Remarks of CO and next senior officer.

A view looking towards rugby posts with terracing around. On the reverse 'Sports Stadium, Berlin 25.10.45'.


Announcing that he would be discharged from hospital and home Friday.

The first letter is from the Air Ministry and is in response to a request to return her husband's bicycle.
The second letter is a reply to a request to send a last letter from her husband.

A He 111 and FW 190 in a scrapheap with two airmen posing beside the wrecks. On the reverse '8 Graveyard, Gatow, Berlin 25.10.45'.

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