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Congratulates him on award of bar to Distinguished Service Order and catches up with his own activities.

Photograph 1 is a street scene of damaged building with a girl cycling. Captioned 'Krefield, [sic] Germany 5 Aug 1945.'
Photograph 2 is a low level oblique photograph of a badly damaged city. In the distance are port cranes.
Photograph 3 and 5 are…

Photographs 1, 3 and 5 are taken from the Rhine showing damage to buildings on the riverside.
Photographs 2 and 4 are low level obliques photographs of bomb damaged bridges captioned 'Bridges across the Rhine, Nr Emmerich, Germany'.
Photographs 6,…

Photograph 1 and 2 are of two airmen on a boat on the Rhine. Reginald George Cavalier is on the right in photograph 1. Captioned 'On the Rhine, Germany 5th Aug 1945'.
Photograph 3 is of one airman and three soldiers on a pontoon bridge across the…
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