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Service writing covers purpose of service writing, formal letters, informal letters, postagrams, D.O letters, air ministry letters, memoranda, reports, paragraphing, abbreviations and style. Part 2 handling of a file covers central registry, degree…

Covers introduction, administrative services, responsibilities of C.O., the adjutant, the station administrative officer, the accountant officer, control of sections, station duties, station duty officer, orderly officer, duty N.C.O., duty medical…

Covers definition, purpose, when and by whom to be taken, action before taking, procedure - explanation to the accused, procedure - taking the summary, evidence, procedure - making up papers, summoning of witnesses, action by C.O, conclusion and…

Covers the work of the air ministry, constitution of the air council, responsibilities of members of the council, the ministerial members, the air members, the permanent under-secretary of state (PUS), general observation on the on the department of…

List of eighteen questions on welfare. Officers mess precis covers membership, furniture/property/insurance, procedures on change of station, procedure on taking over mess, procedure on change of command, WAAF messes, new station or unit - opening…

Missing page 1 and 2. Page 3 onwards covers repatriation and release abroad, compassionate release, action to ensure simultaneous release in class A, interview of personnel, replacement of releases, notification to dispersal centres, return of…

Payslip for June 1945.

Caption for the page, 'With the boys at 31 B. & G.S. February - May & 33 A.N.S. May-July'. First picture, three individuals standing in front of a wooden building, captioned 'With Mike and Johnney at Picton'.
Second and third, group of individuals…

Two airmen standing in the gardens of a house. One with his arm round his friend.
On the reverse 'Took at RAF Cottesmore June 1945.'

Two photographs showing activities arround the swimming pool at Celle. Arthur's Mobile Servicing Squadron was based there, base B 118 from June 1945.

The official journal of the Prisoners of War Department of the Red Cross and St John War Organisation. This edition covers the editor's comments, How the Convoys got through, photographs of ex-POWs titled 'Victory Smiles', Finding his Feet -…

The two receipts, for $166.41 and personal effects are signed by Olive, Sam's widow.

Two of Barbara Wood's friends, sunbathing on the beach. On the reverse 'Betty [indecipherable]' June 45'.
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