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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1945-01-05"

Target photograph showing snow-covered landscape with river running bottom left curving to top right. In the centre a bridge with bomb explosions on both banks. Captioned '2490, 104/47, 5 Jan 45, F8, 7100 ft,→ 11.06, C.F. Doboj. Annotated on page…

Vertical aerial photograph of the railway line near Doboj and the Bosna river. There are some explosions. Captioned '2740/52 5 Jan 45 F8"// 8000° [arrow] 11.00 1/2 R.R. Dobolj Rly Bdg. Sgt. Hanson. F/Sgt Jones B/A'.

Target photograph showing river running left to right in centre with flare on left side. Captioned '6' and '2480, 104/46, 4/5 Jan 45, F8, NT, ?,→ ??, Latisana RR Bdge, H, 9x500:6x250 Mk IV, 18, F/O Chadwick (F/O Myers B.A.) Z'. Annotated on page…

Navigational computations and a chart for an operation to Ludwigshaven.

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on night 4/5 January 1945. Fourth member of each crew is underlined and some are ticked. Crews third from left in second row, left and right side of fourth row are crossed out. Includes timings and duty…

Target photograph of Royan. Almost completely obscured by light streaks and a ball of light. no clear detail visible. Captioned '8°F', '6CLB', '4179 SKELL.4/5.1.44//NT(C).8" 8000 213° 0402 ROYAN.L. 1HC4000(M) IN,5GP500DT,11MC500DT, 23secs. S/L.…
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