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Rex Arnett trained in Canada and flew operations as an air gunner with 223 Squadron flying Liberators from RAF Oulton.

RAF Form 1427 issued to Ronnie.


Ronnie Abbott’s Pilot’s Flying Log Book between 14 July 1936 until 20 September 1945. Underwent pilot training at Hamble Flying School, No. 6 Flying Training School, No. 5 ATC, before being posted to 50 (B) Squadron. In August 1945 posted to 21…

Lancaster, TL-C, in which Eddie flew.

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Air-to-air view of the rear fuselage and tail of Lancaster TL-S with identification PB 366 as flown in by Eddie.

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A bareheaded Eddie, in uniform, his hands in his pockets, standing in a garden.

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A group of 21 uniformed men all wearing side caps. They are arranged in three rows, of nine, eight and four in front of an Anson. A Lincoln is behind with hangars in the background. The group is arranged around a sign reading 'D.$. Flight. Defford'.…

Eddie being presented with the award in the open from Air Vice Marshall Don Bennett. A third airman is standing to one side close to a free standing microphone. A vehicle is parked to one side.

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Fifteen men, in uniform, informally arranged in two rows. Nine are standing and six squatting in front. Three of the men are wearing officer's caps and the rest are bareheaded. Eddie is second left in the front row.

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A studio head and shoulders portrait of Eddie in uniform showing his sergeant's stripes and engineer's brevet.

Navigator’s, air bomber’s and air gunner’s flying log book for J Kerevan, wireless operator, covering the period from 16 April 1943 to 12 October 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at 2…

Small boat with cross on front of bridge tied up alongside a wooden pier. Other docks and ship in the background. Submitted with caption 'mreu6 001 Luftwaffe Air Sea Rescue launch used by us to travel between Friesian Islands'.

Geoff did two Operation Dodge flights with 103 Squadron.

Memoir detailing a teenage girl's experiences of the war. The document details experiences of evacuation, the blackouts, sounds of the war during air raids and what they saw on the streets of Liverpool.

Men in sportswear on a grass field. A Royal Air Force officer can be seen sitting in the middle of the photograph with a rugby ball between his feet on which is written Swinderby 1945-46.

Dairy contains drawings, poetry, names and addresses, and cigarette packets.

A letter written in French, with accompanying English translation sent to Mrs Hunt. The French letter was written by an Auguste Bally, an Adjudant in the Gendarmerie. The letter is sent as a reply to Mrs Hunt, thanking Bally for information on her…

A letter written by the Commodore Superintendent Piers Keane Kekewich to the Admiralty, detailing the various reports on the the Malta Dockyard during the war.


Letter written by a manger an engineering department, detailing the work done by the department sent to the Commodore Superintendent.

A list detailing the different types of vessels that were docked at Malta between September 1939 and May 1945. Classes of ship are listed with the number of each vessel that was docked. Ships also refitted at the docks are recorded, by name and how…

List of 68 vessels that were docked in Malta’s yards for repairs from September 1939: Chenonceaux, Franconia, Garland, Keppel, S.S Cornwall, Imperial, Decoy, Hotspur, Havock, Andromeda, Illustrious, Coral, Beryl, Essex, Ploughboy, Encounter,…

A memoir of an operation involving Len Curtis and his crew members. During the operation his aircraft was shot down and Len was captured. However, he was liberated by American soldiers and returned to London six weeks later.

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After leaving school, Carla Fantini started working as telegraph operator, which she found a gratifying and thoroughly enjoyable occupation. She describes the bombing war in Milan, stressing widespread destruction and ravaging fires. Reminisces…
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