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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1944-12-19"

Target photograph of open country with road snaking middle left to top right then to bottom right. Captioned '2363, 104/38, 19/Dec/44, F8, 6000 ft, →5121, B.W.Matsevo'.

Target photograph showing open countryside. A supply container is visible in mid air on the left hand side, a road snakes from bottom left to centre right. Captioned '2360, 104/38, 19 Dec 44, F8, 6000 ft, →1521, B W Matsevo'.

Vertical aerial photograph of Matesevo-Kolasin Road. The Tapa river meanders through the centre of the image. Adjacent is flatter land but to the top and bottom are hills. A road partly follows the river. Captioned '2609. 40/42 19 Dec '44 F8 // 9000'…

Target photograph of Gdynia. Partially obscured by light streaks, visible area is urban but no clear detail visible. Captioned '9', '3989 SKELL. 18/19.12.44.//NT(C)8" [height, heading & time censored] GDYNIA(B) 10 ANM 59 DT. [exposure censored] F/L…

Lists crews and aircraft for operation on night 18/19 December 1944. Annotated 'Gdynia'. Fourth member of each crew is underlined and ticked. Includes standby and reserve crews as well as duty personnel.

Target photograph of Gdynia. Partially obscured by smoke, dust and light streaks. no detail visible. Aircraft silhouetted in centre. Captioned '5°F', '7B', '3971 SKELL.18/19.12.44//NT.8" 13500' 275° 2202 GDYNIA(B) F. 10 ANM 59DT. 23secs. F/O…
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